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What color curtains should I use for a dining room burgundy?

If you want a deep color and bold in the dining room, the color burgundy is ideal for walls. This warm tone style is cozy and alluring, while its depth gives the space drama and elegance. However, with such a strong color on the walls, choose the curtains can be problematic. The last thing you want to compete with the walls. When you select the color of the curtains , consider the overall effect you want, be it a soothing style or make it even more dramatic.

dining room burgundy


Neutral soft
Because burgundy is a strong color and deep, consider curtains of a soft neutral color for the dining room. They can brighten the walls and be a clean contrast to the burgundy. The curtains White provide a modern and clean, but may be too parsimonious against burgundy walls. If you prefer a sober, try beige or cream color.

Monochromatic tones
A monochromatic color palette gives your room a simple and elegant. Consider combining curtains with burgundy walls the same color. Search for shades that are a softer tone or darker than the walls to create a subtle contrast and give dimension to the room . If you’re worried burgundy tones are too much for the dining room, opt for curtains subtle burgundy in a picture or a different shade to help lower it.

Complementary colors
According to color theory, colors opposite on the scale are complementary. Combine the walls with curtains in the complementary color to burgundy, green, both colors will stand out. Consider the hunter or sage green.


Analogous Colors
The colors that are together on the scale are similar because they have a similar basis, thereby creating a smooth appearance. Combine burgundy walls with curtains in a warm color will give the room look cozy. The Terracotta is an earthy color and comfortable, while gold gives shine to the room . You can also choose chocolate brown to give your dining room bold and sophisticated look.