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How to design a dining Italian style

Design an Italian style dining to evoke a village hundreds of years old in remote rural region of Tuscany or a contemporary ode to modern urbanism of Rome. Consider using sophisticated Italian materials such as terracotta and marble, as well as whimsical touches like murals trompe l’oiel on the walls. The key feature of any Italian style dining is the feeling of warmth that stimulates appetite, style and warmth that makes meals one of the most important moments of everyday life.

dining Italian style


Think modern Italy with ancient roots. It features Italian marble good quality on the floor, or use a long, narrow slab to cover an antique dresser. Choose a cabinet wooden open to showcase the handmade Italian ceramics you collect on your travels or shopping online. Groups terracotta pots filled with Italian herbs, such as basil, oregano and parsley on a sunny window ledge. Use contemporary Italian design chairs covered with white leather with elegant and simple table to give it a trendy bistro.

Take ideas from traditional Italian pizzerias. Build a brick oven from the kitchen and the dining room if you love perfectly leavened dough and crunchy. Opt for fake stucco finishes with warm tones to emulate a restaurant especially lovely. Try a heavy wooden table with benches farmer style rather than formal dining chairs. Create a casual and playful room with framed images of films..

Design a dining room combined with the kitchen to create a connection between the cook and guests. Emphasizes the relationship between sounds and smells between spaces and encourages everyone to develop and enable a healthy appetite. Fill window boxes with geraniums, hanging cookware functional and beautiful iron handles and installs wide French doors between the kitchen and the garden to show the natural warmth of home-grown ingredients, such as tomatoes and eggplants. Choose a dining table antique iron with a glass cover that is suitable for use indoors and in a classic Italian meal outdoors.