Determining Your Budget For AC Repairs in Denton Texas

Once in a while, everyone loves a bit of sun. After all, why wouldn’t they? It puts you in a good mood, it is good for nature, and not to mention catching a bit of tan has numerous health benefits! If you are the type of person that enjoys hiking or mountain biking, then you surely know the importance of good weather for these activities.

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For many of us who live in hotter climates, being in the shade is not enough to cool off properly. Sure, a cold glass of lemonade helps, but it is a temporary fix. That is why air conditioners are an essential fixture of each home in the south.

However, like all necessary devices in our homes – the more we use our ACs, the higher the chance they break becomes. Naturally, with a lot more mileage comes to a lot more wear and tear. You have probably had to deal with some unpleasant surprises over the years, especially when you need them the most. Stay tuned as we talk about some of the more common damages that happen to air conditioners.

Recurrent issues with ACs

Recurrent issues with ACs

If you are unfamiliar with the machinations of your air conditioning device, you might think that the fan is the part responsible for cooling your home. While this component certainly plays a vital role in the air movement, something else is much more crucial to decreasing the scorching heat.

Similar to how fridges work, air conditioners also use a substance called refrigerant, which absorbs the heat from the air inside the house. Then this gas turns into a liquid which the fan cools and returns to the inside when it reaches a low enough temperature. Read more about how refrigerant works here.

In case of a leak, the refrigerant is usually the first thing to go from your AC. This prevents it from doing its primary purpose. While you could probably buy and add the refrigerant yourself, finding and patching up the leaks is a job for a professional.

Another issue that is a frequent culprit in your air conditioner malfunctioning is your evaporator coils freezing. Now, these are the components that contain the refrigerant itself and help it cool the air. However, contrary to popular belief, they need hot air to function optimally. So, when there is a lack of hot airflow in the device, these coils can freeze and prevent the refrigerant from cooling your room. It might sound strange, but it is entirely true!

Recurrent issues with ACs 2

On the other hand, the condenser coils responsible for expelling the hot air from your house could also cause you problems. These components are located on your air cooler’s outer part and thus very sensitive to grime and dirt.

If you live in big cities where pollution is rampant, then you should frequently check for a build-up on your device. Otherwise, it could prevent proper heat transfer and put extra pressure on your machine, damaging it in the long run.

An additional reason for your AC not working could be issues with your ductwork. Namely, the ducts carrying the cold air into your room from the device could be damaged, most likely either by improper installation or by rodents (in which case you have another housing crisis on your hands!). This causes the cold air you need to escape into your walls while not reaching its destination at all.

If you have not replaced your air cooler in a while, the problem could actually be your outdated thermostat. After some time, these retro dial-type thermostats get incorrectly calibrated and give wrong instructions to your device. Luckily, for this particular issue, the solution is simple – check your manual if you still have it and recalibrate them yourself.

Last but not least, the difficulty could be found in the clogging of your drains. In places with wet heat, air conditioners are also useful for ejecting the house’s moisture, which goes down the tubes explicitly designed for excess water. Nevertheless, if any of them get clogged, the water could go right back to your device and damage it severely. Additionally, you could end up having a mold problem on your hands if not caught right away.

Making a decision

Making a decision

As a long-time user of an AC, you are probably familiar with dealing with routine checks and issues. But in cases like these, when specialized expertise is required, it could be a significant risk to try fixing anything yourself!

There are many repair services for air coolers that do an excellent job of fixing them up, but what if you are on a budget? The price can grow exponentially during the summer when everyone fires up their ACs again and finds issues left and right. Making the most informed decision can be a difficult task.

Whatever choice you make, be sure to do it fast. You can go to to read more. If we have seen anything from this list is that ignoring minor problems could accumulate into bigger ones and cause irreparable damage in the future. It is better to react as soon as possible and save yourself from paying for a full replacement later.

Sometimes, even if you have not noticed any particular problems with your air conditioner, it would not hurt to get it serviced as a preventative measure. We tend to tune out the glitches of our devices, but a professional would know if something is wrong and warn you about it in time. It is just like the old saying goes: better to be safe than sorry! So, call up your local HVAC specialist and keep your cool!