Bathroom Designs

Design and layout of bathrooms

To paraphrase an old ad colony, it is in small spaces where it plays an architect. Because everything is easier when there are too many meters, but in the design and distribution of bath takes a lot of skill to get the most out without giving it a pleasant space. Like I did while in particular on small kitchens today to begin our special baths , I’ll show you a case. A real bathroom that cries out for a new distribution, and which will apply four basic criteria to be followed when designing a bathroom. As you see, it is tiny bathrooms, just over three square meters but with good proportions that will allow us to arrange the pieces so that it is more comfortable and more spacious.


1. Line up the pieces

Align the pieces -inodoro, sink, shower … – is the most important tip, because it is the most ordered space, allowing this to be perceived in all its magnitude-even small- while simplifying the routes within the stay.
If you look, before there were three very small spaces, one really useless, whereas now they have unified all spaces in a much larger , used to access all parts of comfortable and functional.

2. Large pieces in the back

Place the bulkier pieces at the bottom , like the shower or tub, it is one of the best ways to get a bathroom with a greater sense of spaciousness, and a better space advantage.

This example clearly seen as placing the shower in the background, gain space to make it twice as big, while gaining maneuvering room for comfort out of it. It is similar to what happens with wardrobes placed to enter the rooms, creating a completely useless mini hall and significantly reduce the size of the room.

3. To continue to planes

Recently I commented on the importance of order in the perception of space , and the continuity of the planes was a crucial time for the human eye better understand space, and feel more comfortable in it factor.So, if instead of a tub or shower, use the same bathroom floor for the shower area delimited by a mampara- -conveniently geometry bathroom is substantially easier, and that will help us perceive space as more orderly and pleasant.