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Decorative screens for home

The oriental inspiration is gaining much ground in the current decor and in the many current features, we find screens indispensable for large spaces where you need to separate or differentiate areas and do not want other resources used such as carpets or furniture. Current decorative screens are not like those of China country of origin or feudal Japan but are adapted to the trends of today.

decorative screens

Using different materials such as pine, bamboo, brass, rice paper, etc but sometimes we find them with clear oriental inspiration as scenes of landscapes or kanji, but are usually adapted to western tastes, with solid colors, differences shapes, frames, textures, etc. One of the main features that have screens, plus separate environments is that we will find them in different sizes, not only in height but in terms of panels, finding from the most basic to even five or more panels for angular shapes if space required.

With a decorative screens we managed to preserve areas of air currents, which was the main purpose of this element today is more decorative than anything. It also allows us to hide an empty part of a stay to make it more welcoming. It also provides privacy to a part of the bedroom, where we can turn it into a small dressing room. But not only in the rooms, screens can also play an important decorative role in a living room or even a bathroom.

We can not only use for separation of environments but to decorate a wall, create the headboard of a bed, to add warmth to a cold area of the house, as support for a vine on the terrace or garden to protect from prying eyes many uses we can give this piece is currently gaining much weight in the decoration.