Living Room Design

Home decorative items

Many stores have decorative items handmade still expensive. For a fraction of the cost and a great satisfaction staff , you can decorate the house with your own handmade creations. Use recycled items and search the web and other decorative items for sale. Purchase supplies for your projects in a shop home improvement, where you can get inspiration and ideas to give to various rooms in your home a decorative touch.

decorative items

Projects for bedrooms
Ask a new comforter for your bed. Fabric stores often have a wide selection of quilting. Sew two layers of fabric quilted together for added thickness, and cut the edges with folded ribbon or lace. Includes matching pillowcases with pillows bed. Sew small extra pillows using some form of padding or a pillow to go with your quilt. To create a curtain of bed, a metal loop ensures the roof over each end of the bed. Take measurements of the distance between the loops and floor to ceiling to determine how much fabric you need for cloth. Fabric strip through a loop to the other, which extends to the ground on either side of the bed.


Projects for the kitchen
Used coffee cans can be kept functional utensils. Clean cans and spray the inside with corrosion resistant paint. Decorate the outside painting and adhering texture with a damp sponge with paint or glue silk flowers. Glue a narrow string around the top edge. Make a message board and calendar. Purchase a corkboard in a store home improvement and cut the board to fit a frame unfinished. Paint the frame and corkboard, and decorate with markers of different colors and shapes. Hang a pen with an elastic cord to the table, and places pins with additional pieces of paper on the board to score last minute errands and notes.

Living room
Design your own coffee table. It begins with a door of old wardrobe or buy a round or square cut piece of wood. The improvement stores home often have different sections table. The equipment is required for installation of the legs, along with several small tools. Sand the wood and paint it with the desired colors. Finish the table with a layer of polyurethane for protection. Improving a sofa or chair with a decorative quilt. Choose a soft, flexible fabric, cut to length and glue a strip on the raw edges.

Wall Decor
Cover a wall with your own creative collage. Start with a large piece of drywall or cardboard and covered with a layer of acrylic paint. Artistically organizes the various elements of the plate handles such as door knobs, doors , ropes, ribbons, construction paper and covers of old books. Carefully paste everything in place and sprayed with acrylic fixative. Gather your fabric scraps and glue or sew them to form a square or a large rectangle. Designed with extra buttons, ribbons or beads. Finish the edges with braided or folded tape.