Artificial Grass

Keeping the decorative artificial grass

The artificial grass is a synthetic product and, therefore, requires some care to be maintained in good order and keep its original appearance. Despite requiring less maintenance to artificial grass Phoenix AZ, with the passage of time could deteriorate.


Care of artificial  grass:



  • Clean with water accumulated dirt and dust, animal droppings or spillage.
  • Apply a short spray or just wash it with a hose.

 decorative artificial grass

Brushing and ballast:

  • To prevent the filling silica sand or move crushing fibers lawn, brush fibers against the grain.
  • Complete filling the surface with quartz sand twice a year to get a regular surface and help the fibers to recover its vertical position.
  • Use a rake, a broom or a leaf blower to remove branches and leaves the surface.



  • During the warm seasons, theartificial grass tends to increase its temperature.
  • Water spray or hose for two minutes to cool the turf . The silica sand filling will retain moisture, making the grass retains its optimum .



  • To avoid and prevent the emergence of weeds, spray the surface with mild or diluted in water herbicide.
  • Using a 1% solution of peroxide and water in the case of fungi or mildew.



  • Act immediately when a spot becomes available.For liquid stains such as beer, coffee, blood, or ice cream, use water to dissolve.
  • Then wash the area with soapy water, rinse and dry.
  • Using a 3% solution of ammonia in water to extra strong spots.
  • Sponge clean and oil stains and oil.
  • Use ice to remove the gum.


More tips:

  • Repair ASAP boards that are off the ground.
  • Organic waste can be cleaned with a solution of water and white vinegar.Always clean the field of artificial turf of dead insects or spiders because they can be converted into organic waste and compacted in the sand.
  • If water accumulates in the field of artificial turf , go to a professional .
  • Cigarettes, fireworks and hot objects can cause burns on the lawn .
  • Stepping on the grass with clean shoes, no mud, glass or gum in the soles.
  • Snow and ice do not damage the surface. Snow removal is advisable to use a blower, since the brush or the snowplow can damage the fibers with its mechanical action.