Decoration Style Ideas for Your Ranch Style Home

Ranch-style houses have simple, wide-open floor plans with a wide outward appearance. Its long, close-to-the-ground profile makes it lack the depth that most homes today possess. But the great news is, you can choose from a handful of design schemes that can suit this type of home.

First constructed in the 1950s, ranch-style homes have a traditional yet minimalistic overall look that makes it a great starting point for styling and decorating. Here are the decoration style ideas to transform your ranch into the home you’ll love:

1. Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern style has made a huge comeback. Its timeless appeal has made it popular once again, as it has brought us clean lines and gentle organic curves. This design style fits ranch houses very well since they both originated in the same time period.

Mid-century modern is sleek and simple, classic and understated. It balances form and function and uses minimal ornamentation. Keep your interiors looking uncluttered with both organic and geometric forms. Incorporate traditional and non-traditional materials such as wood, metal, glass, vinyl, Lucite, and Plexiglas. Incorporate a vast range of colors, ranging from neutrals to subtle hues to bold colors.

When it comes to a mid-century modern interior, the choice of furniture is very important. It can make or break the style you’re rooting for, as mid-century style furniture has a specific feel to it. Choose items with simple and clean lines. Pick couches and chairs with sleek wood legs. Add a retro touch by placing an accent vintage style furniture piece.

2. Craftsman

The craftsman style decoration is easy to adapt in a ranch style home, since its simplicity and focus on function over form blends with the straightforwardness of the ranch. While your ranch house may not have an open porch or overhanging beams and rafters of the craftsman style, you can adapt some of its styles in your interior as there are no naturally competing style elements between the two.

Craftsman style interiors generally have hardwood floors, and then ceramic tiles or stone floors in the bathrooms. Wood moldings and trims can be found all around the house, especially on doorways and windows.

The signature style of craftsman interiors is well-crafted woodwork as well as built-in cabinetry and seating. Install a reading ledge under the window for an easy touch of craftsman style. Embrace earthy and organic colors for walls and textiles.

3. Tuscan


Exhibiting a warm Mediterranean feel, the Tuscan style is perfect for your ranch house. It’s the style of Italian villas featuring a warm and peaceful atmosphere. It gives off a sense of luxury without looking too excessive.

The Tuscan style incorporates textured walls, marble, colorful ceramics, metals, solid furniture, and luxe textiles. Pick furniture pieces with ironwork, dark-stained wood or hand-carved details. Make your kitchen and dining area warm and welcoming, looking ready to serve a dinner for guests anytime.

The elements of wood, stone, earth, and water are the most common themes inside a Tuscan interior, which can be easily adapted in a spacious ranch style house. The key is to not be flashy or pretentious but focus on comfort and warmth.

4. Industrial

The rustic appeal of industrial design suits a ranch interior well. It mixes elements like steel, iron, brick, wood, and stone, and tastefully exposes these materials as a form of style. The exposed brick wall is a staple in an industrial style home. Exposed beams, ductwork, and pipes are also acceptable in an industrial style interior.

When adapting an industrial style home, adapt rustic and earthy colors, such as neutrals, browns and muted shades of green and blue. Dark brown leather upholstery pieces like couches and dining chairs paired with a wooden center table or dining table are trademarks of an industrial look. Furniture pieces in industrial interiors are often darker.

Lighting is also a big deal in industrial interiors. Make sure you incorporate pendant style lightings with steel or geometric designs. Your lighting fixtures will help a lot in tying up the industrial style altogether.

5. Farmhouse

5. Farmhouse

The exterior part of your house may not have the spacious farm, which is characteristic in a traditional farmhouse, but you can incorporate this style in the interior of your house. The farmhouse style decorating is cozy, warm and relaxing, and it is full of charm and character. It has the country feel to it, but the key is to balance the old and the new, so it would remain stylish.

To achieve the farmhouse style in your ranch home, mix old and new furniture. For instance, pair your new and modern-looking sofa with vintage side chairs and tables. Add some barn boards and show off wood beams. In your kitchen adapt butcher block counters and apron sinks. Add slipcovers to your chairs, and look for wicker and rattan pieces. Install a barn door as an entrance door on your backyard.

Finally, accessorize with mason jars, rustic signs, chalkboards, and wooden accessories. Avoid adding too much vintage items to keep your house from looking too “country kitsch.”

6. Nautical

Most people dream of living near the beach, but if you are far away from the waters, you may still create that feeling by how you decorate your home. Bringing the nautical style into your ranch home can make you feel like the sea is just outside your area. The nautical style brings that peaceful and relaxing vibe that works well with your open-floor-plan ranch.

Chose furniture with unfinished and vintage-looking wood. Reclaimed and weathered wood looks great too, as it creates the look of the wood that flanks boats and docks. Use driftwood as accent pieces. Adapt a navy-blue-and-white color scheme, which is a staple in any nautical interior. Sofas, chairs and other textiles are usually white or have a light color.

A rope is a prominent material on the boat, so this can be also used throughout the house. Rope can be wrapped in lamps or other pieces like bed frames, ottomans, chandeliers or mirrors. Accessorize with boat sails, maps, seashells, and other nautical theme-inspired items.

7. Urban modern

Urban modern style blends the contemporary and minimalist style with an industrial aesthetic, but much softer and less edgy.  This style came from modern designer lofts in big cities, which is all about cosmopolitan living. This style can be easily adaptable to ranch houses because of the open floor plan and spacious interiors.

Like the industrial style, it features industrial elements like steel, metal, wood, and brick but on a much softer look. You can adapt the industrial design tips mentioned above, but add softer accessories like plush pillows and rugs, then use softer and brighter colors. But unlike the industrial style, urban modern design doesn’t leave too much-exposed elements like pipes and ducts. Rugged wood, brick walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows are common in urban modern homes.

Choose modern and contemporary style furniture. Make sure the couches are plush, soft and comfortable. The key to this style is making the home relaxing, homey and airy while looking stylish and urbane.