Bathroom Furniture

Decorating tips for a bathroom inspired by old world style

For a bathroom warm, relaxed and airy atmosphere, it may be very appropriate to choose a decorating scheme inspired by the Old World. Using materials natural , soft colors and textures worn by time; and incorporating the dramatic mirror and light in space, are details that make this style an elegant and attractive option to create a suitable retirement and corner rejuvenation .

Natural materials
Focus on materials use natural rather than synthetic products contemporaries. Bathrooms inspired by the Old World should use surfaces and floors made ​​of stone, wood and glass. Ceramic tiles and tumbled marble are common. The large baths and open spaces also define this style, so try to keep quite subtle patterns and designs to keep your bathroom look smaller. To capture the atmosphere of the ancient Old World style, choose a claw foot tub and pedestal sink.

Decorating tips for a bathroom

To incorporate the old world theme without having to completely remodel the bathroom, focus on the accents, as they can be a towel or better yet, some buttresses of wrought iron, wood or stone. The latter provide ambience and warmth through the night lighting, while daylight highlight the character of your refuge. To make the room appear more spacious, Roman blinds used neutral color. Large framed mirrors wood or wrought iron also add luxury and opulence, and are especially effective when it comes to dressing areas with high ceilings and plenty of space on the walls.
The old world style uses many textures . Consider using paper printed tapestry lattice type, but do not forget to choose neutral colors to create the illusion of a large and impressive space. You can also use rustic furniture pieces or worn finish with wood grain or stone or mud as an accent to the space. Texture can be incorporated in the design of the shower cabin using a frame less glass etching.

Color Palette
While the visual style of the Old World uses largely soft, neutral colors, it is possible to incorporate some variations. Mahogany tone accents, floors dark blue burgundy and small details on the walls, can add sparkle without stridency. If you have your reservations, bet on the earthy, neutral tones that will help you create the atmosphere you are looking timeless.

Architectural Elements
Much of the dramatic effect of this style comes from the architectural elements that involves the idea of ​​the Old World. If your decorating plans contemplated redesign or remodel the bathroom, consider adding doors and arched windows, vaulted ceilings, columns and ceiling beams ceilings. If you do not think remodel, try to enter these details in your space through cabinets, ornaments and furniture.