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Ideas for decorating the living room style

Dress up your home to reflect your wild side as you decorate your living room with the style of Calypso Beach. This sensual design soft and neutral leads from the beach to the vibrant colors of the Caribbean warm tones. Choose fabrics and textures that match the colors of the tropics to create the design.

Turquoise blue and pink-fuchsia swirl in the fixed table on a patterned linen table-a cacophony of lime green, lemon yellow and calypso colors orange to set the stage. Turquoise blue plates and bowls for food decorating, while the centerpiece of the table is circular colored sand containing shells of a walk on the beach the fish tank. Furniture and bleached aqua paint on the walls bring a classic blue and white beach design. Vibrant colors and batik fabric strips on chair and cushions complete the design.

decorating the living room

Living room
A whirlpool calypso rug brings color to a hardwood floor while a bamboo couch is in the corner covered with lime green fabric. Wicker curtains hang from the windows, framing an ocean view, colored walls orange and gold batik curtains aside. A rough coffee table is between the chair and wicker sofa cushions covered with batik color orange , the patterns of gold and green. A ceiling fan attached to an open beamed containing palm leaf roof to cool the air.

A large canopy bed is in the center of the room covered with an awning fly. The white shutters on the windows kept out the warm light of the afternoon, and have a turquoise blue cloth, tied to one side, hanging above like a curtain. On the bed, the pajamas are blue and the Caribbean Sea Scape bedspread, pillow shams with solid color plush quilt. White furniture with blue drawer and a reading lamp from driftwood finish the room.

The multi-colored tiles, create a bold and graphic design calypso bathroom floor as the colors dance around the room and the shower wall. A curved lemon and lime stripes on the wall or a rose turquoise warm the space, while a tan wall paint a bit low tone. Swirls of bright colored fabric can become calypso window curtains and shower and spray painted baskets to hold bathroom clutter of various hues.