Living Room Design

Decorating living room

Decorating living room can be little difficult due to lack of space we have to work. However, you can place the furniture in a living room so small they do seem wider than it is space. Placing furniture in a certain way and following simple instructions decorating a small space for a living room can become attractive and inviting, instead of being uncomfortable and messy.


Select a cabinet or facility to be the main focus point of the room. For a living room, can be the cabinet for the TV or fireplace. Choose the most appropriate piece for the needs of the room.

decorating living room

Arrange the seating around the focal point. If you want a sofa, choose one of two bodies. If you want chairs, pick one or two small chairs that do not require too much space. The reclining chairs are usually large and are not suitable for small rooms. Smaller pieces are more suitable for small rooms.

Choose a small coffee table, if you need it. Instead of buying a large, two small purchase. You can order two small coffee tables in different ways and you can move when you need to make more space. Some people prefer coffee tables, others prefer a side table next to the chair. Both options are possible if you use small tables.

Avoid furniture or covering windows that prevent the entry of natural light into the room. Natural light causes the apparent space be wider, thus placing furniture in front or near windows can prevent the sun from entering the room, causing the room look smaller.

Choose shelves, if you use them, that are high and place them against the wall. Place one or two, so that there is visible wall in the room. The wall space, especially if it is white or a light color will help create the illusion of a larger space.

Buy light fixtures that are simple but generate lots of light. Avoid candles or other artifacts loaded. Choose simplicity and elegance. A white lamp is an excellent choice for a small room.

Avoid saturating the tables and shelves with too many items. This will make the room become overloaded and stacked. Opt for a simple candle on the table and a few books on the shelves.

Hang a mirror on the wall to create the illusion of a larger space. Do not hang more than one or two, as many mirrors will be in bad taste.