Terrace decor

Decorating Ideas: how to decorate a terrace

If we are fortunate to have a balcony in our home, we can have doubts about its decor. When hit with the style, and taste of each individual people, we must take into account various technical aspects such as orientation, size or climate. Here we show decorating Ideas of terrace.

Ideas to decorate a terrace

Summer, fun and comfortable terrace
If something is summer, it seems that the day is not finished. During the summer, the terrace becomes a leading place to enjoy the calm, relaxation and endless gatherings. To create an intimate and cozy corner that invites the enjoyment need a facade that, besides being a play space for little ones, bringing elegance eye wall.

decorating ideas

Mediterranean-style terrace with fresh
Getting make the most and conditioning terrace is not to be a problem for very deteriorated that the space is. With a little color, a dose of imagination and craftsmanship, you can restore it and get amazing results. To do this, repair the wall fast to wearing it to subsequently give color cement. In addition, recycling an old table designing a new countertop with ceramic tiles.

Harmonious, comfortable and colorful terrace
to enjoy the stay elegant wall painting and a barbecue set in this practice. Also, restore furniture damaged wood to restore its natural color. Finally, install a pergola-arbor to define space, create atmosphere and provide shade this area.

Colorful terrace
A terrace to enjoy with friends is unmatched, but to enjoy it you have to be in the perfect condition. Some shopping ideas? Paint the walls with the color of the sun, put a comfortable artificial turf on the floor and make tall stands to take care of aromatic plants without stoop.

Terrace playground
Good tips to decorate a terrace is to incorporate a playground for the younger members of the house. To do so, clean the floor of the terrace, concrete walls painted, installed a fence wicker and places a playground on artificial turf.

Terrace condition
To recover all its splendor corner facing the good time you have to perform the tasks of conditioning. You will get the floor cleaned with soap and water pressure, painting the wall and the wall blackened off-white, renewing by painting clay pots and restoring natural beige table and chairs with the help of a protector wood .

Romantic terrace
selecting appropriate accessories and colors, and maximizing the square footage will get a nice, helpful and very romantic place where you can relax. Restore damaged railing and antique furniture of garden with the help of an electrostatic gun you save money. Also, you can protect the house from insects installing a mosquito net and finish the job by placing a shining sage color that will fill the terrace.