Decorating with Faux Fur

Faux fur is so comfortable, so cozy, and so welcoming. It has been a trend on the runway, but it has slowly made its way in interior design. Faux fur has now become a hot interior design trend that a lot of homeowners wish to pull off. Having a nice, warm and cozy atmosphere is a need, and faux fur can really help you achieve it. Plus, it’s not only comfortable, but it also adds a sense of opulence and glamor that can make you feel extra richer than you actually are. Here’s how to decorate your home with faux fur:

1. Look for the most realistic fur.

1. Look for the most realistic fur.

Faux fur has become more preferred than real fur since it is less expensive, animal-friendly, and has the fuzziness and softness looked for in a real one. Sometimes, it’s very nicely manufactured that you can’t see its difference with a real one. So before you purchase, research for shops and companies that sell the highest quality artificial fur and inspect their products yourself. To get the most realistic fur, look for those with the heaviest weight, longer hair and has variations in color, not just flat gray or flat white. And if you’re looking for a white faux fur, choose a creamier hue than stark white – it looks more natural.

2. Make sure it is washable.

Before you buy an artificial fur product, check the label or website’s product information and make sure the item can be cleaned. It’s best to choose faux fur that is washable – if it’s not, you’re only going to throw it away after a while. Throws and pillows that are machine washable are the easiest to maintain, while those that can be dry cleaned is also a great choice. Most faux fur can be washed in cold water and let hang to dry.

3. Go for lighter shades.

If you don’t decorate and redecorate every season (perhaps except for Christmas), or if you live in a place where it’s warm all-year-round, go for a faux fur that has a lighter or warmer color. Darker hues like dark grays and browns are only more suitable during winter and fall. Lighter shades would also blend and complement a lot of color schemes like, for instance, a white or cream faux area rug can suit in a contemporary navy blue bedroom and even a multi-colored bohemian living room.

4. Pair it with opposites.

If your place is full of clean, modern lines, faux fur would make a great contrast to make the interior soft. Throw a piece of faux fur on a wire chair, a wicker chair or a metal chair. Add fur throw pillows on a leather couch. Place a faux fur rug on smooth timber flooring. Any hard and cold-looking surface can look extra cozier with a touch of faux fur.

5. Place it in an area that needs extra texture.

5. Place it in an area that needs extra texture.

Faux fur is typically added to a space that is flat, neat and tidy to add a variety in texture. Also, it makes a streamlined and contemporary interior a bit cozier and more interesting. In a home full of neutral colors, a pop of fur that can really elevate the look of the space and make it more inviting. A fluffy faux fur would make a guest come in and feel the softness.

6. Put it in a space where people can touch it.

Since faux fur is inviting, don’t let its appeal go to waste. A soft, warm and cozy faux fur begs to be touch, felt and enjoyed, so keep it accessible. It can be found in a form of a throw pillow in the living room, a fluffy rug in front of a fireplace, a fuzzy rug at the foot of the bed, or a plush throw on the arm of a chair.

7. Limit it to one or two items.

When it comes to faux fur, less is more. There are fur rugs, throw pillows or throws, but when decorating a room with these, you should only choose one or two – not all three of them. If you would use two faux fur elements in a single room, place it strategically and away from each other so as not to look overpowering. Faux fur is only added for a little touch of texture, warmness, and sophistication, but overdoing it would only make the room look too heavy and cluttered. And remember, it also works as a focal point so let a piece or two take the center stage.

8. Prioritize the bedroom.

The bedroom, being the coziest part of the home, must be your starting area in regards to decorating with faux fur. Keep yourself warm and restful during cold winter and autumn nights with a faux fur blanket. Or keep the back of your head cozy by using a pillow covered in faux fur pillowcase. Add a faux fur rug at the foot of your bed to keep it toasty and warm.

9. Decorate the rest of the home.

Once you have loved the presence of a faux fur in your personal space, it’s time to branch out to other parts of the home like the living room. Add a faux fur rug on the floor or incorporate it into your throw pillows. Or you can place a cozy throw on the couch to make cuddling up on it be extra nicer. It’s also a great place for your pets to curl up on.

Besides the living room, decorate your home office with faux fur. Adding a white faux fur on an office chair can warm up the space and attract more light without making the space look less formal. You may even pick a swivel chair that is covered in faux fur to make your office extra glamorous. Also, don’t overlook the dining area – the fur on seats would work well for stools and the backs of dining chairs. It can keep your rear end and backs more comfortable during winter.

10. Don’t be afraid to go for bold colors.

If you’re not particular about choosing the most realistic fake fur, don’t be afraid to go bold. Not all faux fur items come in browns, whites, grays, tans and creams; some come in pink, purple, red, blue and even gold! Sometimes, all you need is a pop of color and texture that can also serve as a statement piece for your room. Don’t hesitate to choose a faux fur with a bold color.