Bedroom Design

Decorating a bedroom with dressing

Who has not dreamed of having a bedroom with a large closet ? In this program Deco garden see how to decorate a bedroom with dressing. Do not miss it! This week will see an easy way to unify two stays . This is decorating a bedroom with access to another area that will become a wardrobe. The first thing we will do is choose the gray color on the walls of both areas. Then, we will use an old existing wardrobe, changing the color, eliminating the woodworm and making visually lighter. Also we will create a shelf-hanger and finally clothe and decorate the bedroom area. A simple idea that completely change both stays and achieve bedroom to teach many people, a bedroom with a dressing .

decorating a bedroom

Step by step to decorate a bedroom with dressing

Step 1
We have two connected rooms: a living room and an elongated. The aim is to create a warm and cozy bedroom with a dressing room beside unifying both stays .

Step 2
start reusing the old cupboard we have. As the doors are already slightly curved, we will remove the central part and then put a glass.

Step 3
As the furniture has woodworm , we will be introducing a liquid to eliminate woodworm in every hole of the closet. Then leave within 12 hours for the product to take effect.

Step 4
After sanding the surface, we will apply sealer . In this case, we will apply the sealant with good drained roll without much impact on the reliefs of the furniture. Thus, all the details of the furniture stand out more. When dry, we will also give a layer of enamel.

Step 5
The next step will finalize the door s furniture. With special hooks, we will place them both doors a few crystals . Thus, to achieve more modern and visually be much lighter.

Step 6
The next step is to create a shelf-hanger for one of the longer walls. The first will draw the shape for the base of the shelf on a board Umeko plywood. With the jigsaw cut off and do the other 2 equal.

Step 7
Continue creating the shelf to the rack. What we will do is create a T-shaped piece . For this, we introduce some few screws first in the center of a shelf, and then place it over the other, and introduce the all the screws.

Step 8
Then we will fix the three pieces that we created at the beginning. To be a well, remove the excess remaining in the union of both parts and screwed for them to look good.

Step 9
To finish making the rack, you place a bar to hang the clothes, paint it white and will post to the wall .

Step 10
In the window of the bedroom, we will add a white curtain to let light but not inner display. Also, being an ancient floor, the ceilings are high and long, with drop curtains will add a touch of romance.

Step 11
Finally, let’s finish dressing the bedroom with a bed, bedding, small tables, a wooden headboard, etc. Furthermore, in the dressing also place a large mirror and a rug to make both stays unify and be warm.