Decorating a Beach House


If you own a beach house – whether it’s your permanent home, a vacation house, or a property you have for rent – you’re pretty lucky. Not all people who dream of having a beach house (and that’s a lot of people) actually did have the opportunity and the resources to buy their own. And since you have it, then decorate it well! Make it as stunning as the view outside by following these tips:

1. Keep the view visible indoors

A beach house must give the most magnificent view of its outside world as possible. It must always remind you that you own a beautiful house by the sea. This is why you should install large window panels and invisible doors, especially on the side of the house facing the sea. These let more sun and air inside, help create a natural traffic flow and allow your guests to admire the view, thus helping them enjoy your residence. If you need privacy, just use bamboo blinds or light and sheer draperies. Also, you might as well place a nice chair near the windows where the sun sets so you’ll always have a cozy spot to enjoy nature’s beauty.

2. Choose functional, durable and creative furniture

Your beach house would entertain a lot of guests and host a lot of family get-togethers. Choose furniture that would be durable enough to serve you for years and can bear a lot of wear and tear. It also needs to be stylish (because of course, it’s for a beach house), but tough enough to resist potential damages. For instance, in choosing a dining table, choose one that is large enough for the entire family; one that allows you to serve rich seafood menus without worrying about damage; and one that is tasteful enough to look great in your family photos.

3. Use the colors of the beach

3. Use the colors of the beach

Thinking of the best color palette to use in a beach house? Look no further. Let your home interiors represent the beach to make it look as relaxing as its world outside. Use natural colors like the colors of the sand (white, cream, beige and brown) and the colors of the water (aqua, soft blues, turquoise, aquamarine, and navy blue). Incorporate the colors of the sunset and the flowers by using reds and oranges as accents – it’s up to you if you want to mute it or use them as bright hues. Keep the color scheme anchored by picking a refreshing white hue as your main color.

4. Accentuate with bold and bright colors

If your beach house serves as your vacation getaway, it’s a perfect place to bring in some bold and bright colors you would normally never consider. If your permanent home is full of neutrals already, your beach house is an opportunity to get adventurous and try something new! Beach dwellers are not afraid of bold and bright hues, so use them to enhance your home’s coastal feel. Start with your porch – place a couple of Adirondack chairs (which is available in all colors, by the way) and then pair it with a brightly colored outdoor coffee table. You will never go wrong with vibrant hues in a beach house if it’s done the right way.

5. Install appropriate flooring

For a beach house, go for floors that can be easily cleaned, but it must also be cozy and stylish. It must also withstand sand, dust, and humidity. Common choices include timber and bamboo flooring – they are not prone to damage, plus they look homey and welcoming. Hardwood plants that look weathered or reclaimed are especially beautiful since it gives the sense of beach. Don’t place carpets, they tend to get musty with humidity and it can get dirty with sand. If you would like a layer of comfort on the floor, go for area rugs that are inexpensive and easy to clean.

6. Avoid over-decorating with beach-themed items

Living in a beach house doesn’t mean you have to jam-pack the space with shells, fishing and boating accessories, life preservers, and sea life-themed art. Putting it all in one display is old news, and it can even make your beach house look like a souvenir shop. A few strategically placed collections or accessories would be more successful.

7. Don’t stick to natural wicker

Wicker furniture is a very common choice for beach houses, so don’t stick to its default color anymore. Consider having it painted or go for one made of synthetic wicker for a more unique look. Paint it with white and pair it with white cushions for a charming and peaceful look, or paint it in yellow or red for a bold and dramatic statement. Synthetic wicker is a more durable option.

8. Bring in texture

Beach houses are the ideal places to add texture since it’s a more casual indoor setting. Perk up with architectural details and install coffered ceilings, wood-paneled walls, driftwood ceiling beams, and colored louvered doors. Or if you want to keep it simple, you can use tweed or burlap as fabrics, and display woven and printed fabrics or tapestries in a wide array of colors. You can also do it by showing off your nautical collections and making an artistic item out of it, like using collected shells as beads and making a wall decoration out of it.