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How to decorate your room orange

Add vibrant color to your room decorating with the color orange . Painting a wall with this color as an accent or fills all space with details inspired by the citrus color. The tone of orange that you choose can change the entire look of your room. Uses an orange to dark rich appearance and elegant color, or light shades for a summer space. Fear not combine orange with colors complementary unexpected like red, gold and even blue.


Combine orange with neutral colors. Paint the walls a neutral shade to complement your decor orange . Sets the basis for the details in orange , using a crude tone or cool white. For a richer look with color, opt for a taupe or sandy brown paint.

decorate your room

Choose a shade of orange you want. Choose a sofa orange chair and two pieces. This color covers a wide range of tones from the rustic terracotta peach color, so choose a color that complements your design. For a cleaner look, choose upholstered pieces pale peach.
Choose golden fabrics. Highlight the couch with a blanket and some decorative pillows. For a creative look choose colors that complement and contrast with the orange . For example, choose a light blue blanket and cushions that combine design with orange . For a stronger look, combines orange Granada burned with a red or gold colored textiles.


The golden laces give your room an elegant touch. Hang some orange curtains on the windows that complement the sofa and chairs to make the light walls. Tie curtains with gold laces for an elegant touch.

Accented with orange roses. Finish your decor with accent pieces orange . Highlight a wooden coffee table dark coffee, ivory vase full of orange flowers like tulips and roses. Hang picture frames color orange for an eclectic look. If your room has wooden floor tile or cover it with a soft carpet in orange .