Home Interior Design

Decorate your home with holiday memories

You’re about to go on vacation and you’re thinking what to do with all those memories that you always bring with so much hope and, in the end, just a forgotten drawer. How about if this time the use to decorate your home ? If you plan in advance and every time you pick up or buy something, you can start thinking about where and how you’re going to get. And so when end of the vacation, you will lengthen his memory redecorating your home with these little moments.

In case you lack ideas, here we leave some:

Hang pictures or films, or not framed: one big, a few smaller or make a montage with several. Framed like a painting on the walls, on a cork beneath the glass table or hung from the ceiling. The options are endless.

decorate your home

Plasma your photos on magnets, coasters, cushion covers or cups: there are many options to print those photos that you love into useful and decorative objects.

Decorate mirrors, shelves, napkin or whatever you can think of with stones, shells and other souvenirs:

Create photo albums or pop. On a shelf or wall, they will also give a touch.

Framed maps : look great and I remember the sites you’ve been through.

Make a montage tickets, museum tickets or brochures: you can create a painting, drawing or cross, or a corner with all those memories.

Distributes figurines and decorative objects for your shelves or tables or use them to decorate furniture or mirrors, or one space dedicated to be keeping these memories (a shelf, a room or a special corner of your house)

Put shells, starfish or sand in jars or vases . Alone or combined with stones or potpourri color you prefer.

Decorate your bathroom with marine elements or your kitchen : placed on a shelf or on the bathroom counter or bathtub, create a beautiful effect.

There are many options. You just need imagination and your personal touch to convert all those memories of your home. When you leave to go traveling, in addition to thinking about how to back will decorate your house, be still in your absence with a good home insurance , as offered by the RACC.