Bedroom Design

Decorate your bedroom

Whether your room is to yourself or share it with someone else, is the place of the school where you study, sleep, eat and relax. Decorate your bedroom a comfortable retreat for fun as you decorate cheaply, but with style. Not only enjoy when returning to your room when you need a nice break from university life, but your friends will feel envy of your good taste. Give your bedroom a change this semester and turn it into the ideal place for the moment.


1. Plan the design of your bedroom. Ask for help from your roommate and make a sketch using pen and notebook of notes, decide where each piece fit. The bedrooms usually have limited space, so take a little time to place the furniture in the best way. Ideally there should be room for the beds, a place to store things, wardrobe and an area for the desktop. decorate your bedroom

2. Choose a range of colors. Due to the small area, you have to limit your scheme to three shades. Avoid using excessively patterns as your room may seem chaotic.

3. Find inexpensive furniture. In some bedrooms and find the bed you gives you the opportunity to find the rest. Browse yard sales, thrift stores and the classifieds if you find something you need. Used Desks, chairs, lamps and other parts can be found for a fraction of the price of new items, so save a little for your books.

4. Take a bit of privacy. Curtains or racks will help you determine your area of ​​privacy, which sometimes need to get away from the outside world and perhaps even your roommate. Long curtains make the room seem larger.

5. Brighten up the place. Passes these tests and trials with enough light to continue reading. Instead of using fluorescent light bulbs that are in the schools , accommodates some economic lamps beside your bed, on your desk and around the common area to give you a sense of comfort.

6. Enter your bed covers. Pick pieces that matches your personality and style. Prefer quilts or blankets with colorful patterns that do not reflect the dirt easier. Stay away from white.

7. Invest in containers. Keep your space clean and tidy using plastic containers to store food, books and other objects. Label each container to make cleaning easier. Get your closet organizer to maximize even the tiniest spaces.

8. Make some ornaments. Decorate the walls with framed posters and decorative mirrors. Keep your calendar view with a draft or a blackboard. Buy some plants or a tank with a goldfish. Place some pillows and blankets will also contribute to the style and comfort of the place.