Bedroom Design

Decorate warm and modern bedroom

In Decogarden we will decorate a warm and modern bedroom for a much more modern and full of passion and warm atmosphere. Since Decogarden, we are going to show a simple and inexpensive way to decorate a warm and modern bedroom . To start this Yolanda Alzola painted the walls of the room in two different colors. He then shoves shoe boxes and then can use them as custom storage boxes and fill the room with different complements of decoration . With a few simple steps we will achieve decorate a warm and modern bedroom full of passion, joy and above all personality.

modern bedroom

Step by step to decorate a bedroom warm and modern

Step 1
On this occasion, we have a soul without wardrobe room, no curtains and lamps. To start with new decor, we start emptying the entire stay.

Step 2
To begin with the new decor, will paint several walls and two columns in red. The rest will be in a much softer color: beige tone. As always, we will cut brush first and then paint the wall with roller.

Step 3
The next step is to cover a shoe box with customized papal. To achieve the custom paper we will scan different items like T-shirts or linen paper and achieve personal reasons. To line boxes with wood glue and then cover the boxes will stick the papers.

Step 4
Next we will put a curtain rod. First mark the fixing points of the brackets and then do the holes in the wall. Once we introduce holes tacos, and finally the brackets with some screws.

Step 5
The next step is to put a dresser in one corner and a mirror on one wall. The mirror we will fix with some screws to the wall.

Step 6
For the bed, she chose a gray headboard and quilted style . In addition to the bed tables they are to place two different: one higher than the other and different style for greater personality