Wall Decor

How to decorate walls and how much distance to leave between pictures and wall

Hang pictures and other framed art on your walls allows you to express your personal sense of style and class. If you are hanging personal photographs, wall sculptures or other art forms you need to make sure to keep things at the right levels and secured to the wall. For frames, this may mean replacing the hooks with something better. Painting is another way to decorate walls and get creative.


 Hang frames


Check the attachment structure of your frame and make sure it is not loose or damaged. Often this structure is a mounting bracket or wire in the frame. These are items available in craft shops and other stores.

how to decorate walls


Wash your walls with a damp sponge and a mild cleanser.


Measure the wall you want to hang the piece of art or furniture or accentuated in the place you love to hang. For a neat appearance, many people focus their frames on chairs, mantels or amid large walls . For a more contemporary look you can choose to decentralize under these articles.


Mark the center of the area where you want to hang the piece of art with a piece of blue painter’s tape.


Hold the piece of art on the wall with your arms and see if you like where it is. For best results , have someone do this for you so you can see the art from some distance. Move the blue painter’s tape accordingly.


Place a small nail into the wall with a hammer in the center of the place where the frame is where the masking tape is. If the frame is large and has two hooks you need to measure how far you are from the center and then nailing in these locations. Instead of nails you can also use small hooks in a “J” hooks or removable wall. Use drywall anchors if the frame is big and heavy and can not be placed with nails. For best results , it is preferable to have the frame on the wall, leave plenty of room between the frame and the wall makes it is less stable.


Strain your frame. Place it carefully on nails or hooks.

Get creative


Paint a wall in the room pointed you’re decorating for a minimalist decor but still brave. The walls are commonly accented in bright colors but can be any color that is consistent and somewhat different from the other walls.


Make stripes on your wall, or one of them. The stripes on a wall will do the same trick as accented walls. If you have any color walls, consider painting large white stripes. A color like the wall also give a striking effect. Remember that vertical lines make the walls look taller and horizontal simulating be wider.


Highlight your framed art or architectural details with simple or strong paint stripes. For example, paint a thin line on a bright color and on one side of the ledge of an integrated or along shelves creates an amazing visual effect fireplace.


Commercial uses templates to create edges painted murals or miniature. DIY templates are available in hardware stores, paint business and large supermarkets. You can also use stickers designed to simulate that were painted for a project with less mess and are easier to install.