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Ideas for decorate the ceiling of a cathedral

The dramatic ceiling height of a cathedral gives sophistication to the dimensions of the internal vertical space, but the ceilings are also a challenge in design for the owner who wants to create an interior decorated. Whether you want to increase the effect of the ceiling height of your cathedral or decrease, the ceiling decorating ideas incorporate the general aesthetics of the room for a cohesive design.

Ideas for decorating

Painting is one of the most versatile and cheap to decorate the ceiling of a cathedral options. Traditional roofs are usually painted white, a color that contributes to the sense of wide open spaces. To add a dramatic effect to the cathedral ceiling using another color. Choose a color that has a darker tone on the walls. For example, use a mauve color on the walls and combine with burgundy on the ceiling or walls mint green with a green grass roof.


Although generally dark colors make the room seem smaller, the height of the cathedral ceiling Strikes effect creating a dynamic and colorful space. Another option is to incorporate modern elements in the painting, and vertical lines at the top of the walls to the highest part of the roof; wide bands of neutral colors are subtle but interesting, the thinner lines with different colors create a colorful and playful effect.



Wall Decorations
If painting the ceiling is too labor intensive adhesive decorations you can use as a contemporary option to decorate your ceiling and add visual interest to the room. The wall decorations are printed self adhesive applied to flat surfaces to create sophisticated, classic or fun patterns. The decorations stick to virtually any surface, but your ceiling is textured decorations will not stick properly. These decorations are too striking a ceiling plane , but in a cathedral ceiling space is suitable for use. For a family room, choose floral patterns or vineyard in a shade of light green or yellow.


Contemporary spaces with decorations look good in black or lime green with geometric shapes inspired by nature or trees. If your tastes are even more eccentric, choose decorations like the shadow of a dinosaur or the night sky to add a visual dimension to your roof. If you change your mind, simply decorations are removed leaving a clean space to decorate again.
Add visual interest to cathedral ceiling through various textures and materials. For example, in many historic homes have cathedral ceilings beamed wood exposed. For visual contrast, leaves the white roof bars and wood with dark finish to add a sense of rustic luxury cherry. Create your own style with moldings for beams; moldings to choose details to create patterns in the ceiling panels. If the beams of wood are too rustic for your tastes, the fabric is more romantic and sophisticated to add texture to the ceiling. Place large pieces of fabric from top roof to the edge of the walls, joining the pieces to the center of the ceiling. One color fabrics give a classic effect, fabrics of different colors offer a contemporary option.