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How to decorate rustic cabins.

The rustic decor is a very common choice for decorating cabins. In the rustic natural wood finishes imperfect, aged wood and simple lines and furniture pieces are used. To decorate with this style, you will find many pieces in stores or you can create your own antique pieces used yours and you can find in the attic of a shop second hand . You can never finish decorating your rustic cabin Continues as adding decorative items that complement the rustic theme.


Choose a rustic theme that fit better with the location of your home. Rustic decor includes many aspects but has very few categories that you should consider. For a rustic cabin on a Southwest state considers a Native American or Mexican theme, instead of including moose, bear or mountain and trees covered in snow. Select the item you want in advance so that you can purchase decorative items properly.

decorate rustic cabins

Paint the walls a neutral color. The rustic style focuses on nature, so use neutral colors found in nature for walls and floors, such as cafes, earthy and green. Wood also makes covers walls and floors perfectly complement the style normally used in the cabins. Choose a dark color or a light depending on the effect you want. For a warm and cozy room, choose darker or more intense wood and paint, to make the cabin look more spacious and attractive, using light wood or paint colors.

Choose furniture fabrics, carpets, bedding and curtains to match with the rustic idea. For a Southwestern style Mexican or Native Americans used designs in tapestries and carpets. For a more northern style inside the rustic idea pictures or choose fabrics with images of animals, trees and mountains.

The bedroom includes furniture made ​​of wide wood or raw wood or antlers of different animals. You can find coffee tables , dining tables, kitchen tables, headboards and footboards made ​​with imperfect bed and covered with a thin layer of wood finishes. Consider the lighting equipment as wall lamps and chandeliers made ​​from elk antlers and deer.

Place other decorations in the bedroom as photographs and paintings, mirrors, figurines, bookends and knickknacks that have chose the rustic idea for your cabin. Choose wooden frames, artwork of animals and landscapes, animal figures and wooden sculptures.