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Decorate your home with recycled materials

Have you ever thought about reusing things like glass bottles or plastic to decorate your home or small domestic needs solving? In times of crisis, the need to reuse things to spend less makes expropriates imagination to the fullest. And the result is ideas and tricks that give many everyday objects a second reason for being . Here are some suggestions to recycle materials:

1. The reuse the bottles : with glass, you can make vases, fish bowls, candle holders and decorative motives if you put sand, water color dyes, or whatever you want inside. And if you have plastic also give a lot of play: you can turn them into a magazine, in pots or in a shower, if you also take advantage of the plug.

decorate your home

2. Find out what you can do with the corks : from use for decoration, in a glass bowl, to cut them in half, glue and turn them into a bath mat.

3. Settle into old tires of your car : If you’ve changed the tires of the car, not the tires. Clean them, paint them the color you want and place a comfortable cushion over. Already have a new chair.

4. Do yourself a new showcase : you can use a grater do not use fabric, mosquito net, you can frame or put in a window or a simple wooden box. Ready to hang your earrings.

5. The many uses for wooden boxes and pallets : if you have enough, you can serve up to a screen. But only with a pallet you can get a rack, a shoemaker or a holder for hanging pictures or putting plants. You can clean it, varnish or paint job.

6. Take advantage of your old wooden staircase : on the wall, horizontally, can become a handy library. But also horizontally flush with the ceiling, it can be lamps hanging bracket. And vertically against the wall, can be used, for example, a shoemaker.

7. Give new life to your old socks and shoes : with socks, you can shape them and turn them into fish for a child moving. And the shoes, with some soil and a plant are original container. Of course, that will not spoil much better plants that do not need too much water.