Decorate dark corridors to make more luminous

Do you have a narrow hallway and in low light? Here are some tips to make dark corridors appear bigger and brighter. Sometimes, the rooms of the houses are so broad that the corridors are too narrow. They also tend to be dark corridors because they have no windows and therefore have no natural light that illuminates. So often, these areas of the house lose charm. Today we propose to change this topic and give a twist to the decor of dark corridors. If you follow these tips, your hallway seems larger and brighter than ever.


Paint the walls white

The key for a room look bigger is the color of your walls, ceiling and floor. Clearer as these are, the bigger and brighter will appear. Light colors reflect light, so any ray of natural light that reaches your walls, be reflected unlike what happens with the dark walls that absorb light. Therefore, the color star to enlarge and bring light to a room is white. We propose sanding paint the walls and pure white. You will be meters aisle width (visually pulling) and have more freedom when decorating since white paste with everything.

Do not forget to paint the baseboards

When we talk about painting walls, we also refer to the baseboard. They are usually wooden and occupy about 5 centimeters from the wall. If you paint in white, camouflaged, Reunify with the wall, and seem that this is higher than before if you want to highlight them, you can paint with a darker tone, not to the wood tone: beige, light yellow.

Smooth walls textures yes, popcorn ceiling

When light meets a smooth surface, it is reflected more than, if you encounter rough surfaces. Therefore, when light is important to gain forget textures like that detract goatee or painted gloss wallpapers.

Decorate the walls with mirrors

The mirrors are the best allies in winning light are the best reflectors on the fundamental piece that will have to incorporate into the dark corridors. Some choose to place a large rectangular mirror; however, there is a way of placing mirrors that also brings a touch of originality. It involves placing several mirrors of different shapes along the corridor. It is very original and you will achieve provide hundreds of flashes of light. Many more than what you would get with a single mirror.

Light fabrics, light curtains

Since the dark corridors have no windows, we must seize the nearest right. Those, those in the hall adjoining rooms, cover them with light shades of light colors gauze, muslin with Japanese panels or blinds. So you help the natural light more easily reach the hall.

How illuminate dark and narrow aisles

The best lighting for dark and narrow corridors is the recessed lighting. That is, one that does not hang and barely visible. Come on the current lamps with the same format as the old halogen. A trick? Directs light toward the walls as well, you will achieve a uniform and soft lighting throughout the hallway.

Add a touch of color with a carpet

White walls, white baseboard, decoration glass and mirror … Maybe with so much white we have forgotten that touch of color so important for a stay not look like a medical consultation. Therefore, we propose to add color by placing on the floor with an original carpet.  It will not only bring color to the hall but also in will isolate cold winter and will protect the floor so that the varnish is not removed and keep it looking bright the next summer.

You have a perfect example of dark corridors in the next picture. As you see, you do not have nearby windows light is very low. In it you can see, too, how it has chosen the white color for the walls, recessed lighting and white baseboard. We also love the detail to incorporate a particular point of light at one end of the hall. Catch attention and brings light to the bottom of this.

Furniture you can put in the hallway

While it is better than the dark corridors remain diaphanous, if you want to incorporate some furniture is completely understandable. However, you can follow some recommendations for the corridor does not look even darker and narrow. White walls, light directed at the walls, colored carpets, mirrors, metals, glass tables. With this recipe, the dark corridors will become cozy corridors. I hope that the tips you serve. Tell us your tricks to make your larger and brighter hallway!