Living Room Design

How to decorate a small room with an old couch

Decorating a small room with an old couch creates a lovely atmosphere. The sofas are versatile, as they can replace a sofa in a room; the frame on the sides and back give it the appearance of a deep sofa. By using the correct paint colors and other appropriate decorations, small space look larger. Antique furniture is suitable for the Country or Victorian styles, or you can adapt and decorating in order to create an eclectic look.
decorate a small room


Take everything in the room that is not functional or particularly striking. A messy area is smaller than one that has few frills or foreign objects.


Paint the walls a warm color if you want to emphasize the comfort of the room. A warm dark green yellow, apricot, rustic red or shades are best suited. If you want to brighten and visually enlarge the space, using fresh colors and pastels such as yellow or pale blue.
Choose bedding that matches the color of the walls, and choose a pattern that is in line with several pillows, which are essential for the couches.

Install curtains in the room as the sole treatment for windows. The heavy curtain tends to minimize the size of a room. Select shades that are similar to the color of the wall, this will allow the light to flow through the area without being interrupted with another color, it will make the room look bigger.

Consider the frame style of the couch pillows to choose from and other decor for the room. For example, if the frame of the couch is wrought iron Victorian or country-style pillows you will be fine. Or create an eclectic look with any type of frame, adding pillows with bold touches of all colors and vibrant designs in the room.

Use pictures of artwork that match the style of the frame of the couch. For example, if the frame is a light colored wood with clean lines, place or minimalist works of contemporary art to accent furniture.