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Decorate a pink and bright hall

We will give a new look to the entrance of the house. Let’s decorate a pink and bright hall, with a romantic and chic. In most cases, the color of the furniture and walls plays a key role in the decor of a room. We will see below, we will give a radical change to the entrance of a house playing with colors. We’ll paint the walls pink , white frieze input and cabinet with two colors next to yellow and blue. The result will be a bright hall with a romantic and chic that will not leave anyone indifferent.

decorate a pink

Step by step to decorate a hall and bright pink

Step 1

We have a little dark, old and without much personality hall. Therefore, let’s give a little life with bright and vivid colors.

Step 2

As we will give you a change to the frieze, the railings and entrance furniture, well let’s start sanding wood. Thus we remove the varnish and shine it has.

Step 3

Both for the furniture and for other wood surfaces, the first step is to apply a coat of sealer or primer . This not assure you that then nail grip better.

Step 4

With talk pink paint, going to paint the walls of the hall. As they Goteborg, we must advocate for the whole surface is well covered.

Step 5

For the frieze and the inside of the door, we will opt for a white color. So, we will bring brightness and cleanliness to stay.

Step 6

In the case of furniture, the colors chosen are blue, pink and yellow. Light pink paint the furniture with white edges, and a drawer in blue and one yellow.

Step 7

The next step will be to change the current floor. In this case we are going to decant for a laminate floor that dovetailed slat sheet with foil until they cover the entire surface. First we put the blanket of polyurethane and then the sheets.

Step 8

finished decorating the hall with bright pink and simple accessories that will add a personal touch to the room: a lamp, some flowers, a painting, etc.