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How to decorate a large bedroom

While having a large bedroom can be a great attribute, it can also be a challenge to decorate the space. A common solution is to divide the room into two areas. An area can be used for sleeping, while the other may be to watch TV, read or relax. When you create separate areas within a room there are some key elements to keep in mind to ensure that the space will function as one.

How to decorate a large bedroom


Plan space. When you stand in the bedroom, examine the layout of the room . Determine the best location for the bed and where you would like to create a separate area for watching television. Ideally a bed should be placed on the largest wall, away from the door, where there is no interference to traffic flow closet or bathroom.

Put bedroom furniture. Once you have determined where to put the bed adds a nightstand on each side. You could also use a trunk or closet facing the bed or against the wall beside her. Your first area of the room should be finished.

Create stop sitting area. Once the bedroom furniture are in place, you can create a separate area to watch TV, read or relax. Place two comfortable chairs or a small sofa in front of the television. If you are using two armchairs, you can put them at an angle to make it look cute. If you have hardwood floors , use a carpet between the TV and seating. Add a small coffee table in front of the sofa or table type small nest between the two chairs.

Dale cohesion both spaces. Although they are two distinct areas within a room , the two spaces need to appear unified. You can achieve this by Color and accessories. For example, if you have a bed colored blue, use blue pillows on the couches or sofa. If you’re using a set of dark wood bedroom, also wears a dark wood cabinet for TV or the tables. Use Art similar in both areas.