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How to decorate a kitchen with a theme of retro dining

Here are many ways to decorate kitchens with a retro charm. One way to incorporate vintage styles is to design a kitchen with a retro theme of the 1950s. Combining elements as a retro color scheme, a vinyl floor chess style, oven and inspired by 1950s furniture with chrome details, vintage refrigerator lighting and accessories in style a retro diner theme is relatively easy created in most contemporary kitchens. The result is a relaxed space to enjoy with family and friends.


Use a palette of vintage colors. To serve as background for the whole retro room decor, choose a color scheme that includes shades like red, turquoise, blue or yellow. Add to your selection white tones for a look of a kitchen chair from the 50s that has a lot of style and charm of the past.

decorate a kitchen

Install a floor chess style. To design a retro diner with authentic look and feel, add a vinyl floor style chess combinations of red and white or black and white. Select a floor to ceiling square chess to coordinate with the overall decor vintage dining room.

Add chrome and vinyl furniture. Few things show style of a retro diner more than a table with a Formica covered with chrome applications. Add a set of chairs with vinyl upholstery to the mix, for a seating area that reflects the quintessential decoration of a room of the 1950s.

Install inspired retro appliances. There are many companies that create beautiful kitchens and refrigerators vintage style, perfect for decorating a retro diner. Choose those with chrome handles and retro details like watches fashioned knobs and stylish , for a touch of humor and charm to the overall decorating theme.

Includes backlight. Put hanging lamps made of chrome with black spheres. Add signs neon wall in rich colors with words like “chair” or “come” to create another layer of retro design.

Put accessories retro. Mix and match different types of vintage items in the design of a retro room for a kitchen that reflects that era. The accessories like old glass fountains, cakes par transparent shelves, old watches, small turntable, light bulbs transparent packaging containers retro syrup and sugar dishes vintage appearance and signs of old soda fountains add a finishing touch Stylish .