Bedroom Design

Decorate a child’s bedroom

On this occasion, from Decogarden we are going to teach how to decorate a child’s bedroom . We found a room used as a sewing workshop and become a child’s bedroom. To do Yolanda Alzola paint the walls, renovate some old cabinets and place a countertop and a new bed. A radical change which will move from an old sewing a nice and cozy children’s room .


Step by step to decorate a child’s bedroom

Step 1
We found a room that once was used as a sewing workshop. Being full of scraps, boxes and machines, the first step is to empty everything to start with new decor.

Step 2
Although the walls have wallpaper, we will paint without removing it. With a coat of white paint will remain spotless and seem much newer and bright. Being a sleeping child, we give it color with accessories.

Step 3
The next step is to place a large counter with a drawer in one of the walls. In this way we will be worth a large desk for both to study how to make a small toilet.

Step 4
Being such a long counter and have only one plug socket, the following will put a sliding outlets with which to have a power outlet around the counter. To do this, we place the supports to fix the strip with sliding sockets and finally hooked strip.

Step 5
The next step is to change the appearance wardrobe. As we are decorating a child’s room, we have chosen a bright color: green. To renew the closet, first we apply primer and then the green enamel.

Step 6
The moment of enlightenment. As the room has some fluorescent lights and are not the most appropriate for a child’s bedroom, we will place a cloth underneath. This avoids having to change all the setup and we make the fabric more pleasant light, the sift. The first is to place a socket in the 4 corners.