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Decorate a bedroom with pictures

Despite the enormous popularity of digital video cameras, it is unlikely that the photographs will ever be completely replaced. These captured memories let you surround yourself with important people and places in your past, and photos become decorative elements on a nostalgic bedroom. Armed with only a digital camera and a printer, you can print photos of all the sizes you need to decorate your bedroom.

Decorate a bedroom with pictures


Choose a color for the walls to complement the choice of your bedroom decor. For this type of project, a solid color works well to create a focal point in the room. Chinese red, cobalt blue, pink shiny or green apple are excellent choices.

The film strips on the walls add visual interest and reinforce the theme. Paint the room. Paint a wall with the color you have chosen and the other with white or ivory. For variety, paints a couple of strips of film around the wall you painted a different color. Let the paint dry. The images of the film on the wall reinforce the theme of the room.

Consider that you convert photos to hang on the wall to white and black. So the more reveal color on your wall.

Buy a variety of picture frames. Need both frames to hang as standing frames. Select models that complement the color and decor scheme.

Buy lecterns for photos. These folding feet allow you to display your pictures . If you put an easel in the corner of the room and add objects such as vases with dried flowers, baskets or even framed photos at different heights, the decor is better integrated. The elements also help to integrate the other elements in the room.

Paint a mural of your favorite picture on the screen of a lectern, if you possess artistic talent. You can use this wall to separate a dresser or closet the rest of the room.

Make a memory quilt with your favorite photos. If you’ve decided to show black and white photos for wall, consider making the quilt also with black and white photos with an edge that matches the color of your wall.


Decorate the room with accessories if you have a soft spot for photos. For example, looking for old cameras and tripods. You can place these objects in your library, or add them to your stand.