Tips for curtain rods

Once you’ve chosen the shades perfect to complete your home decor, choose rods curtain hang up right where. There are multiple types of bars and a wide variety of decorative elements which can be attached to them. The bar curtain correct, properly mounted, can complement your curtains , as well as provide a place to hang them, adding a final touch of style to your decor.

Buying curtain rods
Before leaving home to find the perfect rod curtain , measure your window where the hang up. Having this information measures is critical to choose the right equipment. Bars curtain stores are classified according to their length. Other factors to consider are the type and location of the window, and the type of curtains you want to use.

curtain rods

Types of curtain poles
The tension rods are the best choice for recessed windows as they have rubber tips and a spring mechanism to keep them in place. They are available in both round and oval shapes, may be used with curtains pocket and those curtains which are hung with rings. The flat bars are basic and inexpensive that can be used for curtains light, whether you have a pocket to cross the bar or needing hung with rings. The round bars are also good for a variety of shades . These come in a variety of finishes, colors and usually have decorative pieces that can be screwed to the ends. The swing or portiere rods are ideal for use in corners or windows as they are articulated to fit the shape of the window. Other materials such as wood and wire rods are used instead of rods to hang curtains along with the correct media.
Hanging curtain rods
If bars curtain you chose not come with brackets to hang, read the packaging to determine which type of media you need. The type of tools you’ll need depends on the type of curtains you bought and the type of walls in your home. Pierce small holes for installing the brackets, so make sure you have the correct type of drill for use on plaster, wood, stucco, or any other material. You may also need a stud finder to determine if there is a spot where you can hang if you need support or toggle bolts to support the bracket. Read the media packaging are included to determine if the screws or bolts needed, or if you need to buy separately.