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New cultural center in the heart of Madrid.

The space has been fueled by The factory, cultural promoter private founded in 1995, which has been the creator of projects such as the International Festival of photography and Visual Arts, the Matador magazine, online film festival Jameson Notodofilmfest or the festival of literature Jan.
cultural center

With this settlement the factory takes a step forward and becomes a space open to the public. The factory, located on Alameda Street 9 from Madrid, is now a new meeting point of two floors with a Bookstore, an Art Gallery, a training area and a coffee.

Cultural center

The bookshop, specializing in photography, has a background of over a thousand books of major international publishers, a wide range of photography journals and trends and a selection of ancient books of art and photography. She, also, are available in exclusive wines Matador and a selection of wines.

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery will tip toward new collectors presenting editions of big names in art at affordable prices. Flower Paradise of the Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki, opens this new concept of Gallery. Photographs from this series, in which the artist recognizes influenced by the tsunami that devastated part of Japan in 2011, show its famous flowers accompanied on this occasion by dolls – representing the female – and toy dinosaur – which function as his alter ego.

In the area of training will develop courses and workshops of different areas in which factory works: photography, art, literature, cinema and cultural management. The factory will also develop a weekly schedule of activities: encounters with artists, talks, conferences, presentations and projections about different fields of contemporary culture. Finally, there will be a coffee that enjoy the visit with artisans snacks at any time. A complementary space to the activities which will be daily factory engine and can consult and follow the minute.