Creative Ways To Declutter Your Home

Clutter emerges from our postponed cleaning rituals, delayed kitchen chores, lack of storage space, and the islands of empty takeout boxes. Are you constantly struggling to control the neverending clutter of toys, books, clothing, and gadgets accumulating in the kitchen? You’re not alone, for clutter is a universal struggle for people who turn their living spaces into storage spaces.

A heavily cluttered home gives way to a chaotic lifestyle and compromised life quality. You can’t make the most of your living spaces; you can’t bring in new furniture or walk without tripping over objects. What’s worse is how clutter makes us lazy, unproductive, and uninspiring – draining the zest out of our souls.

Decluttering is more than tidying up your space and organizing your belongings into neat compartments and storage spaces. It’s a powerful mindset and lifestyle shift, encouraging you to tailor your living space around your comfort needs. And, of course, creating an environment that inspires creativity and productivity, allowing you to become the best version of yourself.

On that note, let’s take a look at some creative tricks to declutter your home.

Rent a Temperature-Controlled Storage Facility

Here’s the most practical and affordable solution to decluttering your free of unwanted heirlooms, family memorabilia, broken appliances, and discarded fixtures. Renting a storage unit will free up precious square footage to add value to your life quality and tidy up your home.

A location-based Google search will help you find the most reputable and popular storage facilities in your area. Suppose you live in Boise, Idaho, and need a climate-controlled storage unit near your neighborhood. In that case, use the keywords ‘Boise ID storage units’ to find facilities nearest to your home. The results are typically displayed based on distance, rankings, and reviews.

Be sure to check out the facility’s Google My Business (GMB) profile to verify credentials and read client reviews. Once you’re satisfied, you can visit the facility to examine the storage security protocols and get a quote. It’s wise to rent a temperature-controlled unit for furniture, appliances, artwork, memorabilia and photographs, and musical instruments. Most items succumb to the pressure of humidity, resulting in irreversible destruction.

Renting a storage unit is ideal for decluttering belongings you don’t want to permanently part with or give away. You can relocate the items stored in your attic and garage and use these spaces for the children’s play area or a fitness studio. The attic can serve as a spacious home office to create an elaborate workstation with ergonomic enhancements.

Host A Yard Sale

Yard sales are a memorable 90s trend that lost its appeal to modern-day e-commerce alternatives, like eBay and Amazon. But if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to declutter your home, a yard sale is an amazingly creative idea.

Think about it. If you decide to sell unwanted clothing or appliances online, you will have to take pictures and prepare a strategy. Then, processing payments and shipping and handling create scores of financial and legal complications. Why not throw a fun yard sale with a funky lemonade stall, home-baked treats, and all your life’s clutter?

All homeowners love checking out local exhibitions for sustainable clothes, secondhand furniture, and budget-friendly bargains. You can publicize your event within your community or neighborhood by handing out flyers. If you plan this well, you can ensure a fabulous turnout and raise hundreds of dollars.

Once you’ve planned the yard sale and exhibition, you can get down to business and declutter aggressively. Channel your energies around the strategy advocated by the wise Mary Kando: discard everything that doesn’t spark joy! It’s time to sell off everything you haven’t used in over a year and don’t plan on using in the near future.

Donating to Goodwill & Charity

Do you want to combine creativity with compassion and kindness and declutter to give back to your community? The idea is to round up unwanted items and donate them to those in need. Now, here’s an idea to involve the whole family and teach a valuable lesson to your children. There’s nothing more satisfying than sharing our privileges and blessings with those deprived of possessions we discard without thinking twice.

Bring home cardboard boxes and divide them amongst all family members. Instruct the kids to round up unwanted toys, books, clothes, and other items to donate to children in need. The adults should also do the same, rounding up all unwanted items cluttering their rooms and wardrobes. Then, you can deliver the boxes to a local charity at the community center or distribute the items in underserved neighborhoods.

You can also bake some treats and take the donations to a local orphanage, and spend a day with the children. Whichever idea you settle upon, the feeling of sharing your things with those who need them is intensely rewarding.

Renting Unwanted Items to Raise Cash

Do you want to supplement your monthly income with a sustainable stream that doesn’t increase your workload? It’s wise to explore avenues to rent unwanted furniture, discarded appliances, and gadgets cluttering your home.

We’re all habitual indulgers in shopping sprees at Target, Home Depot, Ikea, and the Apple store, armed with our credit cards. One little swipe and we can upgrade to the newest technologies, leaving our older gadgets to languish around the house. The same applies to appliances, furniture, and items that take up space but don’t offer any utility.

Suppose you’re not planning to have another baby. Why not rent out all the baby furniture and appliances stacked in the attic? If your belongings are just lying there despite being in pristine condition, renting them out will supplement your income. Renting furniture, appliances, and gadgets instead of buying them is a burgeoning trend and practical route to raising cash.

Create an Instagram Store to Purge your Closet

Is your wardrobe bursting with an ocean of clutter accumulated over a lifetime of shopping sprees and fashion bargains? We suggest making a secondhand clothing store on Instagram to purge your closet regularly. If you’re not wearing certain clothing items and don’t plan on wearing them again, why not sell them?

You can free up space in your closet and raise money to continue upgrading your wardrobe. You can target the store’s audience to continue refreshing your wardrobe sell unwanted accessories and other household items.

Final Thoughts

Decluttering isn’t so hard, especially when you have a crafty strategy to declutter and raise money. If something is taking up space without adding value to your life, why not find a plan to make it useful? And if the item doesn’t hold any sentimental value or perceived future utility, selling is the best strategy.