Creative Uses of Composite Decking

When you hear the word “deck,” you might imagine a floor that is made of hardwood, as it is popularly used in making decks. However, when you come and think of it, wooden floors and decks are susceptible to mold and rot, making them not very durable, especially for outdoor applications. You can choose authentic hardwood boards, but they are quite expensive and may cost additional for installation.

In the present time, people are choosing a more affordable, durable, and low-maintenance alternative to hardwood decks, which is composite decking. Even though composite decking has the word “deck” on it, it is not limited to deck applications only. Since it is a moisture-resistant and easy-to-use product, it can be used in virtually any nonstructural application, even if it involves direct ground or water contact. This makes composite decks perfect for many outdoor projects.

If you are wondering about where you can use it, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a list of the creative uses of composite decking.

1. Swimming Pool Decks

pool with composite decking sides

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard and planning to make a deck around it, composite decking is a perfect choice. It’s because it does not warp or splinter, and it is also slip-resistant. Different weather exposures can make other materials fade over time, but that is not the case with composite, especially high-quality ones. They can leave your pool area looking attractive even after many years. In addition, it also does not require a lot of maintenance, helping you save lots of money in the long run.

2. Planter Box

You can use extra composite deck boards to build durable planter boxes. These boxes will not rot when they get wet. Choose toxin-free composite decking for flowers, edibles, and as well as seasonal decorations.

3. Decks for Hot Tubs

If you are thinking of adding a rustic feel around your hot tub area at home, you can also use composite decking. Aside from looking good, composite decking also does not allow any water infiltration. It means that this type of deck will not rot or harbor mold even when it gets wet often. For this application, a capped composite decking is perfect, so you can have a long-lasting and gorgeous deck even after many years.

4. Pathways

You can also use composite decking to connect your outdoor spaces and keep feet off your lovely garden. You can use them to make durable deck pathways. In fact, you can use some leftover composite boards from your patio or deck to build a beautiful pathway in your yard.

5. Cladding and Siding

Composite decks can also be used in the cladding and siding of a house. These are necessary for homes that have problems with water infiltration. Aside from that, these can also improve the general appearance of a house. Other claddings and siding materials used are pebble tiles and stones, but composite boards are more affordable and effective compared to these options.

6. Shelves

You can gather leftover pieces of composite decking boards and turn them into useful shelves. In addition, you can also use them to display room numbers and building addresses.

plant box made of composite decking boards

7. Benches and Chairs

Composite decking can also be used in making benches and chairs for outdoor use. To do this, it’s better to find composite decking that is flexible enough to bend and fit curves so that you can make built-in benches and unique chairs.

8. DIY Doghouse

You can also use composite decking to make a doghouse. It is an attractive and safe material for pets, as it has a splinter- and toxin-free surface.

9. Birdhouse and Bird Feeders

If you love spending your time outdoors watching birds, then you can make birdhouses and feeders out of extra composite decking boards. This will help you bring these beautiful creatures to your yard. Birdhouses and feeders made of composite boars can remain colorful for years, and no maintenance is needed.

10. Trash Bin Enclosure

If you are searching for ways on how you can keep your trash bins out of sight, composite decking boards can also help you. You can use them to make an enclosure for the bins. Aside from withstanding the elements, composite decking boards are also very easy to wash down if ever they get dirty.

These are some of the creative uses of composite decking. Being highly resistant to rot and insects, and as well as being low-maintenance, make composite decking perfect for any projects aside from creating decks. We hope this post helped you in learning more about the creative uses of composite decking.