Create Your Ultimate Game Room

Do you have a spare room or basement in your home that would make a perfect game room, but you’re wondering what features to consider as you design your space? We’re going to cover the topics that take the highest priority when it comes to successfully curating game nights.

Once you’ve decided how you’d like to use your room, you can incorporate accents that enhance your evenings with family and friends. But before you do, you’ll need to check off all your boxes addressing the best layout, furnishings, lighting and noise control. Then you too can host the perfect night for a good game or two.

Consider the Layout of Your Game Room  

Before making any commitments to the materials and décor, the first thing to do is to consider the current floor plan of your space and decide how you’ll be using your room. Ideally, you’ll develop a space that will allow for enough movement around the equipment as well as adequate elbowroom when playing interactive video and board games. If you have game tables, allow for three to five feet of space to extend around the tables for maximum movement.

If your game room doubles as an entertainment space with a television, create an open space and position that television to be visible from any point in the room. Begin with the primary focus of the game room, and then place the television where guests can enjoy it from any vantage point. Then, determine the seating placement and other game stations based on their visual access.

Lighting is Key: Create an Inviting Atmosphere 

The ability to see your hand in a game of cards or determine your next move on a board game calls for good lighting. But what you also desire is a place that feels welcoming to you and your family and friends.

Ambient lighting throughout the room or basement will successfully create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. You can incorporate ambient lighting using recessed lights, pendant lights, floor lamps, wall sconces, spotlighting and much more.

Furnish Your Game Room with Function in Mind

If you have a room built around video games for entertainment, finding ergonomic designs that create comfort while playing for extended periods will be the icing on the cake. We also know that no one wants to have stiff joints from awkward seating arrangements from hours of playing card games and board games, either. That’s why it’s paramount to find comfortable furniture for all the entertainment options you plan to provide.

Creatively sourcing pieces that provide storage while converting to additional seating will also come in handy so that you can avoid storing any chairs in the closet for larger crowds. Consider ottomans and nesting coffee tables that can create more seating for those crowded game nights. Also, entertainment centers that include much more storage for your games and electronics will give every item a home and keep your space cozy and organized.

Minimize Noise Levels in Your Game Room Design  

Perhaps you’re hosting a sleepover, or maybe it’s a weekend of adults watching a game with friends while other members of the house catch up on homework or a good book. Whatever the situation, game rooms have the potential to generate unwanted noise that travels to other areas of the house.

Soundproofing from the start is an excellent way to keep you and your family happy with your decision to include a game room in your home. Soundproofing can come in the form of upgraded framing work, added insulation or installing sound panels. If you haven’t had any experience with soundproofing areas of your home, consider chatting with your contractor for a solution that fits your personal needs.

Whether you are a family that loves video games and movies, watching UWatchfree or you’re utilizing your space for pool tables, foosball and poker, these tips are universal for creating a well-designed game room. If you add these to your priority list as you design your dream game room, you’ll have a great space for entertaining for years to come.