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Create a bedroom

Create a bedroom main improve your mood upon entering the room. Choose an overall theme that highlights the soft fabrics, lace or decorative art pieces. The selection of colorful bedroom walls is essential to unify the space and determine the setting. Some neutral colors work very well with furniture or ornaments of any style.

Romantic style with bold colors
One bedroom main romantic style should stimulate the senses. Strong, vibrant colors combined with soft fabrics and a few romantic details create a room for you to enjoy with your partner. Choose a dark color, like plum, burgundy or forest green to highlight a wall. Paint one wall and leave the rest of the room white. Place the headboard against the wall and select three pieces of framed art to display on the back. Opt for pieces that match the rest of the room. The images of red and white roses along with other flowers combine well with this type of decoration. Also, you can use sunsets and landscapes. Arrange these pieces in a row, separated by a space between frames a 2 “(5 cm). A good size for frames and art is 10 x 13 or larger. Adorn your bed with soft fabrics like velvet or silk . A canopy bed is suitable for a romantic bedroom. Standing on the dresser a vase of dried flowers and some old details like hand mirrors and brushes.


Create a bedroom


Green cake with cherry cabinets
The pastel green walls complement the intense dark color furniture cherry. Paint all the walls in pastel green and leave the ceiling white. Hang wall art framed or cherry wood picture frame color. Decorate the bed with a green quilt cake. The lace detail on the bedding, cushions and curtains are suitable for this type of bedroom. Other shades of green, such as lime green or forest green, do not combine with this decoration. The forest green is too dark for furniture cherry, while the lime green is more suitable for a bedroom in citrus colors with furniture white.


Neutral tones with accents of lace
Neutral shades like beige, cream and light brown match with different types of fabrics and trims. Paint the walls beige and leave the ceiling white. Install lace curtains, lace or details in the side windows. Decorate with furniture and white, if you have the money, put a white crown molding. Opt for white wooden frames instead of oak, not to create too much contrast with the furniture . A toilet with a small stool is ideal for this type of bedroom.