Cozy and intimate parlor

Due to the small size of many households, decorating small spaces has become an increasingly common reality. But combining elegance, design and practicality , it is possible to stay warm and well organized . Therefore, in Decogarden we will decorate a drawing room or cozy and intimate lounge . This time in Decogarden sharpen the wits against the need and become a small room in an intimate parlor where to relax and enjoy. To achieve this, we paint the walls beige naturally achieving greater brightness , and will bring warmth covering the cold tiles with natural fibers . A shelf flown in uptown solve the storage problem , and the choice of the rest of the furniture and decorative elements to model end this cozy stay .


Step by step to decorate a drawing room or cozy and intimate lounge

Step 1
will transform a cold and characterless stay in a cozy and intimate parlor. We’ll paint the walls of a natural beige , cover the tiles with carpet as natural fibers and place a shelf flown all the way around the room. In addition, we premolars a stool to use as footrest.

Step 2
Once cleared the room , start by creating a template for ordering a custom rug . To do this, we cover the entire floor of brown paper with masking tape unite the various pieces, and finally with a blade will cut the excess paper side.

Step 3
Once the template actual size will take one carpet as natural fibers . The market offers a variety of shapes and colors can choose the one that best suits the new decor of our stay .

Step 4
The next step is to paint the walls natural beige . First, we incrementation frames and skirting boards to protect them from paint. We begin with a brush cutting corners and finalize paint covering the remaining surface with a roller.

Step 5
It’s time to put a shelf flown all the way around the room. We start fixing the brackets to the wall. To achieve the perfect horizontal we help of a laser level. Boring points mark with a pencil, and introduce maladroitness tacos. Finally, we make sure the brackets by placing some screws. For these tasks use a drill-screwdriver.

Step 6
‘ll get some shelves as pine boards cut with the jigsaw. Once cut, the present on the brackets and will set about introducing these screws with the help of a screwdriver.