Bedroom Design

Couple bedroom cool and stylish

Bedroom fresh and elegant couple. We convert a simple room with white walls and austere furniture in a cool, elegant bedroom with wall frieze bed for a young couple. David and his girlfriend found an opportunity and took to the purchase of an apartment . But this pair of students and workers invested everything in the property and left with little for decoration. So here we go with the bedroom ! A room of 16 m2 and 2.35 m high. With natural light and austere furniture, white walls and direct entry to the bathroom. The challenge? Get a stylish and cool bedroom for two.


Transformation began painting three of the walls of grayish green . Then we placed a frieze with tables DM and finished in matte white, creating a contrast of elegant, fresh and harmonious colors. The result is iniquitous after adding a ledge that runs along the whole frieze. And because small details are key in decorating, we have secured the shelf with white squares and curves.

Step by step to decorate bedroom cool and stylish couple

Step 1

On the wall we make a horizontal mark with masking tape to create a horizontal line at 1.10 m separation as we will put on the bottom of a frieze. The brand is indicative, it indicates roughly where we need to paint because below will go slats coated with white halfway up.

Step 2

The upper half of the wall paint it gray-green. With the brush we do the edges and roll the rest of the roof surface protecting tape bodybuilder.

Step 3

will create a frieze with DM tables with a matte finish that dress stay. Measured 2.40 m and we will cut in half, to 1.2 m. We turn the piece, take action, a mark is made ​​on 1.20 m.

Step 4

Prepare the jigsaw to cut the pieces, always face backwards, so that the cut remains splintered shavings hidden against the wall. All the pieces are cut and the adhesive system mounting dovetail are mounted with adhesive.

Step 5

Cut the pieces we placed on the wall. We started with a table, apply several adhesive points at the back and stick to the wall starting from the corner, the moving part so that the adhesive is distributed. We pressed and placed one after another.

Step 6

For plugs, have cut the light and pulled the plug. When we meet one on the wall, place the edge of the blade and mark on the inside both sides of the plug to cut the blade and let the free space to paste on the wall.

Step 7

For corner edges are not visible without top edges with adhesive are placed. To place the stickers, cut the piece to the desired size and paste in singing past the iron melting the glue with a block of wood we pressed and do a flush cut blade to remove the excess.

Step 8

The brackets serve to secure the shelves to the slats and the wall between them. To attach the brackets mark with pencil slots far and introduce the screws (top and bottom) in the blade to secure the bracket to the wall, above the shelf and the next shelf.

Step 9

Once you have set the frieze and brackets flown shelves or shelves are placed on top to place objects like clock, paintings, books … After putting up shelves in the corners of the bottom of the shelves a shot sticks .