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Different types of countertops to vanities

When you are designing or remodeling a bathroom, one of the most important decisions is the type of toilet you are installing. As the bathroom tends to be a smaller space, a piece of large furniture such as a dresser has a significant impact. The toilet countertop-style also helps the environment. There are several types of vanity countertops, so you should be able to find that complements the base, as well as with the other materials in the bathroom.

 countertops to vanities

Natural Stone
As the name suggests, vanity countertops made ​​of natural stone are usually taken from quarries stones. The materials for countertops vanities in this category include marble, granite and limestone. These options often are considered the most luxurious, but they are generally expensive and may not fit in all budgets. The countertops natural stone vanities come in a wide variety of colors, but mostly confined to earthy colors such as gray, white, brown and beige. You can also get to find black. However, as they are made ​​of materials that appear in nature generally have a color variation across the countertop. If you are looking for a countertop Vanity most durable natural stone, granite is the best choice. The limestone and marble sealed and require more maintenance, but also offer an attractive appearance.

Engineered Stone
The stone vanity countertops designed are made ​​with natural stones and cast resin under high pressure and temperature. In most cases, using silica and quartz. The stones often designed to mimic the look of granite or marble, so they offer the same attractive style natural stone and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. However, countertops made ​​from this material is not as porous as natural stone, so do not require sealing and do not stain easily. They are also more durable and resist bacteria and mold. Also, the stones are cheaper generally designed so you can enjoy the style of the stone without paying the price high or having to perform maintenance required by natural stone.

The Vanity countertop countertops offer a natural and warm style that helps to balance the sterile feel of the tile. There are a variety of woods to consider, so you can choose from several colors and textures for your allowance. Timber is porous, so it absorbs moisture and stains easily. This type of countertop is high maintenance and can warp, expand and contract over time in the humidity of your bathroom. As a result, should be sealed when used as a vanity countertop for appearance.

The type of countertop Vanity friendlier to the budget of your bathroom is laminate. Is durable, non-porous, so it is resistant to stain and easy to clean. The laminated vanity countertops come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, so you can choose a material that matches your bathroom. Some even mimic the style of wood or natural stone at a fraction of the cost.