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Cottage style furniture

Basic ideas cottage style furniture. The furniture in a country house should give the feeling of experienced and old. If you like decorating style field or want to create a custom piece of furniture, you should incorporate some Ideas for rural timeless feel.



The furniture style field are based on items that were used by ordinary people with limited resources. As a rule, they had neither the time nor the sophisticated tools for working wood to create furniture with scrolls, French motives or pineapple finials. Ordinary people, simply furnished.

 cottage style furniture

Give the wood matte finishes. A highly polished furniture looks out of place in a country house. It will appear to flashy and new. The best way to make old furniture a new look is sealed with tung oil. When the oil has dried, rub paste wax for a timeless finish. This is also the easiest way to seal the wood . Oil and wax does not cover defects, however, so does the wood of good quality.
Make your old furniture look with a faux finish. There are two faux finishing techniques that work particularly well are they going crunch with vinegar and steel wool.

Avoid metallic touches. The hinges of gold or bright silver handles or knobs are not appropriate for rustic furniture. Hinges should be a smooth matte finish or painted iron. The knobs can be of glass or wood . If possible hide all screws and nails, or used, as they did in the “old days” pegs wood .

Use recycled materials. The wood naturally makes beautiful furniture. Keep your eyes open and talks with builders or remodelers area to find old flooring, paneling and beams of wood . Also, consider buying cheap or outdated as TV or stereo furniture. Remove the electronics and add shelves or dividers to create customized storage.