Modern Architecture

Modern and contemporary houses

Three countries make up North America: Canada, United States, and Mexico. They have residential architecture of high level in modern and contemporary styles. Canada has stood out for its modern of brutality works, while it currently produces contemporary style architecture and urban ism, develops even export these services. United States is one of the birthplaces of modern architecture and noted for designs of residential houses, the development of lofts in recycled industrial buildings and high-rise buildings.

 contemporary houses



In Mexico there are works of modern and contemporary architecture of high level design, innovation with cutting-edge examples emerged in different moments, and has influential masters of 20th century architecture.Ultra-modern residence

United States is the major producer of architecture, with a construction industry extremely developed, from the second half of the 19th century to the present day. Therefore examples of design and models of modern houses of all kinds abound. List of entries on houses of modern and contemporary styles in North America.

Canada – United States – Mexico


-Brutalist style modern House.
-Modular ecological House.
-Modular pyramid House.
-House modern Canadian.
-Contemporary House in Toronto.
-Contemporary House wood cover.
-House of architect in Canada.
-Winged design on a Hill House.
-House of wood and metal.


United States:
-Home cutting edge inclined planes and angles.
-Californian home of modern architecture.
-Modern cubic House of wood and stone.
-California modern home contemporary style.
-House of unusual shapes and colors.
-Unique roof design wooden house curved.
-Forest House (Maryland).
-Pentagonal geometric House.
-Modern House architecture combines with the traditional.
-Mid Century modern house.
-House and modern facade in Chicago.
-American homes.
-Residential homes in Sarasota, Florida.
-Photos of modern houses in 83 years.
-Modern Roman-inspired.
-Residence California.
-Contemporary residence of curved roof.
-Typical North American House.
-Family homes in Sarasota.

-Modern House of 1965 Long Island, New York

-House of concrete, metal, and glass.
-Organic design and futuristic-looking House.
-Modern renovated house in Mexico.