Construction Services in Orlando, Florida

In the building process, construction services cover a wide variety of responsibilities and procedures. From the beginning when designing all the way to the completion, there is a number of different services and protocols that should be taken care of. Even after the project is complete, the building’s life cycle is key for its quality and well-being of its residents. It is very important to keep a detailed plan in place when constructing that way there are no harmful mistakes or delays. This is also a way to save money, when you are organized. Below we will talk about the most important construction services and the different types that way you have more clarity.

1. Pre-Construction Services

This is the first step in the process. Before beginning any project, there is a number of tasks and questions that the team will look into. This is the time where people’s ideas will come into reality when the team comes together to discuss and analyze. The team will also talk about the project’s costs and expectations that way they have a better understanding of what they are working with. It is hard to predict how much the cost of a new building will be, especially in the beginning of the process. This is the reason asking the right questions is important. Some questions to ask during the beginning of the project can be about the first steps you need to focus on, what type of permits are necessary, is it better to invest in new construction instead of just a renovation, what the total cost will be, how long will it take, and what are some of the challenges you will face during this project. These are a few questions the team has to take into consideration before the construction process begins. The more detailed your plan is, the smoother the whole process will go.

2. Construction Project Management

There are many elements that should be taken into thought once the project is in process. From the beginning of the project till the end, there should be good collaboration between the agents and good teamwork. Good data will help make quick and well-analyzed decisions. There are three construction management phases that will be discussed below.

3. Planning phase

This is where the team comes together to discuss and brainstorm. This is where you resolve any problems that might have evolved and make sure that you work with your budget.

4. Execution phase

This is where your plan is put into use. There are two different processes during this phase which are executing and monitoring/controlling. This stage of the project is where managers and other team members make sure the construction complies with specifications. Make sure to focus on the site’s safety, quality control, set up meetings with the agents, control your costs, monitor all the work on site, find the right people to work on the project, take care of the paperwork, and stay on top of payments.

5. Post construction phase

Once the construction is completed, there is still other things that need to be done. The post construction should be in charge of taking care of any disputes or warranty problems that might come into place.

6. Design-Build

This method has been very popular now a days. Having the same team completing both the design and the actual construction can minimize risk and have the project be done more efficiently. Having these two projects connected can help have a better understanding of any challenges that can come into effect during the process. When it comes to selecting the material and equipment you can be more confident in the choices you make. This phase can unlock many opportunities for this industry when it comes to building and innovation.

7. Building Services

This is a more practical task which concerns the life cycle of a building. This is what needs to be done in order to ensure the building is safe, functional, and comfortable. Building management systems, making sure ventilation, heating and air conditioning, water systems, plumbing systems, lighting, alarm systems, drainage, sensor installation, refrigerant installation, humidity control, etc. all work properly. It is obvious that construction services can cover many tasks in order to keep a building in the best condition. A lot of effort and good coordination is required regardless of the type of project you are working on, like Poli Construction in Orlando, Fl offers their clients.

To ensure the success of your project, coordination and proper execution is key. Keeping things under control is never easy. Having the most help you can get with agents that are experienced, willing to do the work, and professional is valuable and will get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you have all that, you are ready to begin constructing and you know your project will be heading towards the right direction.