Commercial Window Repair: The Definite Guide

A broken window can become a problem, create inconvenience, and prevent you from experiencing the comfort of your commercial space. The window is an important threshold that protects the office or house from external agents. Its impairment can be particularly unpleasant, especially in winter!

If your environment suffers from a damaged window, a window fixture consultation may help you better understand to handle the situation. In any case, at the slightest problem, repairing the broken window becomes essential, even to prevent much more serious problems. At serrurier Rixensart, the motto is to prevent the problem from the roots.

Let’s see what kind of commercial window repair you can have for your premises.

Commercial Window Repair: Old Window That Doesn’t Close

A window repair becomes necessary when the window does not close or open properly. If the window does not close properly, the house may no longer be safe. Just think about the safety of small children or any pets.

Even in the event of a slight malfunction, the performance of the frame is compromised. For example: tiring closing of the window and rubbing the window.

The window that does not close properly loses its insulating function. It makes you lose heat in winter, lets in drafts, and does not properly manage your home’s insulation.

The presence of mold in your home could be due to a problem with the windows!

In any case, the moment you notice that the window is broken, request a window repair service because it is the best way to resolve the situation.

Commercial Window Repair: Repair Broken Glass

Does the window slam too hard? Did a ball hit the glass? Did you make a misstep while cleaning the windows?

Here you find yourself with broken glass. Having a broken window pane creates serious discomfort for those who live in the house. Compromised glass can be dangerous, as well as drastically reducing window performance!

Repairing broken glass immediately is essential to return to enjoy the comfort and restore the window to its optimal performance. The breaking of the glass happens by accident and by external elements. In some cases, old window panes are more fragile than current ones.

In case of breakage, the only solution is to replace the broken glass. Quality Newmarket window replacement services might be what you need in case you don’t want or don’t know how to replace them yourself.

A window checkup and advice could help you assess the situation of your windows. It can prevent the main problems and improve your home’s well-being by choosing to repair the windows.

Commercial Window Repair: Broken Window Handle

A window with a faulty or broken handle requires window repair. The window handle is a delicate element that can compromise the entire functionality of the frame. It happens to be with the handle blocked. In other cases, the handle comes off or does not work properly.

Also, in this case, in addition to failures, there is the problem of wear. Over time, the window handle loses its functionality; the handle is hard or saggy and ends up creating problems.

A periodic checkup could help you avoid a permanent breakup and intervene in time before you find yourself in greater discomfort.

If the handle is broken or no longer works as before, then it is necessary to repair the window handle. And, in some cases, replacing the handle itself is the best solution.

Commercial Window Repair: Repair PVC Window

PVC window repairs are increasingly in demand. Broken hinges are one of the critical issues encountered. The PVC window hinges cannot repair and require replacement. A broken PVC window could have handle problems; again, repair often consists of a replacement.

Another item that may need repair is the PVC window bead. Repairing PVC windows requires special care due to the high technological level of the frame. A window checkup could help prevent common problems.

Commercial Window Repair: Repair Broken Window for Theft

In case of theft, the windows show a series of damages. Broken window glass often needs to be repaired. In other cases, the forced window requires a complex repair intervention due to a series of critical issues that arise.

The stolen window usually shows severe damage to the handle. In the event of theft or attempted theft, a checkup of the fixtures is essential. It will allow you to verify any weakening or less visible damage related to the attempted break-in.

Commercial Window Repair: Windows Security

Do you live on the first floor and are worried about the safety of your windows? 

A checkup could help you understand any critical issues in your fixtures. A consultation on your windows will help you better understand the situation of the windows. So you can make any necessary repairs to ensure the correct functioning of the windows and their safety.


Old windows, broken and worn windows, not only do not perform their function but also put your home at risk! That is why commercial window repair is a must. Several more problems can occur other than those we mentioned. So, always consult the best windows repair service in serrurier Belgique for the best experience.