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How to decorate a room with comfortable furniture

Decorate your room with a Japanese theme either to take advantage of modern, minimalist look by which this kind of decoration is known or they find Japanese culture and comfortable furniture and fascinating. In any case, a Japanese room should include natural elements as they have a relaxing effect to any occupant. Your room should not be cluttered with furniture and messy because that does not allow it look simple and harmonious.



Paint the bedroom walls a neutral color like white or cream. Neutral tones give a simple and clean environment.

comfortable furniture


Choose dark and low furniture if possible hold dual purpose as a platform bed or futon. A trunk can serve as bench to bedside. Black lacquered furniture dark wood or contrast with the clear paint while maintaining the natural and neutral look of the room.


Locate the furniture so that the focus is on one side and left all possible free space. For example, use the bed as the central focus placed at the center of the room or putting the toilet frees up space in the closet.


Enter texture and interest through the bedding, pillows, rugs and curtains. Keep a simple and neutral design in all aspects of the room, except for a single item. If you want the detail is the bedspread, wearing a silk embroidered quilt or pillow red, blue or green. Natural materials such as bamboo, work well as carpets and curtains.


Fill the room with accessories that maintain the Japanese theme. Water fountains bamboo, Zen gardens miniature samurai swords, Buddha statues, flowers cherry or natural elements that can be used in paintings, vases and other decorative accessories. Use plants panels to give an authentic Japanese touch.

Tips and Warnings


Put a bright color on one element of the room to focus attention on that object. Repeat these colors detracts impact effect.

Remove clutter and items that are more in the room. If you have to store many things or maintain a workspace, hides this area with a rice paper screen.