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How I put columns of stairs?

There are different types of railings for stairs. Contractors often use wrought iron railings or stainless steel, while the interior stairs often use some type of wood or wood railings and metal. Often, installing guardrails can be challenging, especially in a remodel. Outdoor, you can nail the final columns of the handrail, newel calls, in particular, but on the inside, we have to add the columns in the wall, floor or bottom of the base and the crossbar of the ladder .

columns of stairs


Place the column flush against the top of the ladder with the base flat on the floor. Checking the level of the column in both directions. If not level, insert shims under the bottom of the column until it is level. Mark the position of the spots with a pencil. Remove them, carpenter applies glue to the spine area leading wedge and insert them again, to where the pencil marks. Double-check the level before proceeding, adjust the fit if necessary.

Make two holes 1/2 inch deep (1.3 inches) in the bottom of the stairs with the paddle-shaped drill the first hole centered 3 inches (7.60) and the second floor directly to 3 inches from the first hole.

Drilling a second hole in the center of the first hole in the bottom of the drill ladder with 1/2 inch (1.30 centimeters) to the bottom of the wall. Punch a hole in the middle third of the other holes in the post all the way into the wall with the drill bit 5/16 inch (0.8 centimeters). Repeat with the second hole.

Place a washer on the square head screw 1/2 inch by 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) long and insert it into one of the holes. You press down, then insert the second screw in the other hole, repeating the procedure. Make sure the post is level and then finish tightening the first screw.