Color Schemes for a Girl’s Bedroom

Girls care about the colors of their bedroom more often than boys. It is girls who often have a favorite color and goes all the way choosing it for their almost every possession. But if your young lady isn’t fond of a specific color, let her choose from one or two colors she likes or deems acceptable, then builds a color scheme around it. Here are some suggestions:

1. Pink + white + black

Of course, this list won’t be complete without pink. Pink is the classic choice for princess wannabes, but sometimes a room looks like candy or powder puff with too much pink. Incorporate pink in accessories, beddings or even in an accent wall to make it an official theme. Keep furniture, floors and other walls white, and add some black details to add a bit of depth.

2. Turquoise + hot pink

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The funky combination of turquoise and bright pink, plus the fun patterns, make a fun and creative bedroom. It brings a hip, independent vibe that looks exciting and suitable for girls of any age. Painting an accent wall with hot pink can surely grab attention, and pairing it with the turquoise bed would balance out the warmness of pink. Keep it relaxing by blending it with white.

3. Lavender + gray

Purple or violet is another classic favorite for girls’ bedrooms, but lavender is its sweet and subtle variation. It suits girls in their teenage years, and lavender looks soothing when paired with gray. Its romantic and inviting atmosphere gives off a feminine flair that pink can’t achieve. Accessorizing it with silver metallic accessories like lamps and wall décor, as well as white beddings and draperies complete the look.

4. Teal + white

If your young lady isn’t fond of bright and girly colors, a touch of teal paired with clean whites might appeal to her. Teal is a glamorous and sophisticated shape of blue that works well with feminine spaces, and pairing it with white brings a chic and modern touch to the room.

5. Magenta/fuchsia + lime green

Magenta and fuchsia a hot and vibrant shade of pink that easily makes a room fun and vivid. Pair it with a citrusy color like lime green to make a refreshing bedroom that is full of energy. These colors will not be overpowering, as long as you tame it with neutrals like white.

6. Mint green + brown fibers

Create a calming and refreshing look by painting your girl’s bedroom walls with muted mint green. Furnish it with a white bed with mint green beddings, and white dressers and bedside tables. Add a hint of earthy browns using jute blinds, a rattan accent chair, and a sisal rug. This definitely makes a dainty vibe in the room.

7. Old rose + gray + metallic accents

Muted old rose is a subtle yet very dainty and feminine color that suits teen girls and even adults. Its combination with gray has been a huge trend that is widely used, not only in interior design but also in female apparel and fashion. Old rose and gray bring a serene yet youthful, girly yet classic appeal. Accents like copper, gold or silver would definitely blend with this color scheme, giving additional bling for an already glamorous combination.

8. Aqua + coral / teal + salmon / turquoise + peach

Pairing any of these soothing shades of pink and blue creates a natural visual contrast that gives off both a subtle, feminine feeling and a vibrant and energetic vibe. Very few color combinations can pull that off, and these hues are definitely winners at it. It’s best if you would balance the distribution of these colors in a room for a visually soft and irresistibly pretty bedroom.

9. Gray + yellow

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For those who would like to branch out from the cute and feminine and opt for a more gender-neutral scheme, the color pairing of gray and yellow would be perfect. It brings a contemporary look with a sense of cheerfulness.

10. Aqua + red

Aqua is a cool and calming color that brings sophistication to the space. Paint your walls with a muted aqua shade, and pair it with a bright aqua headboard and an aqua patterned rug. Then, decorate with reds using your desk chair or lounge chair, pillows and throws, and wall hangings. This color combination looks glamorous in a youthful, contemporary way.

11. Coral + chartreuse green

Coral is an already happy and exciting color but paired with chartreuse green, it becomes more vibrantly appealing. This striking color combination is perfect for a young, free-spirited teen. Paint one accent wall with coral, then use chartreuse for the beddings and chairs. Pick patterned curtains containing the two colors and keep the floors and other walls white.

12. Raspberry + warm browns

A muted raspberry hue looks feminine and soft and combining it with warm brown hues make it look tranquil and matured. For teens who want a relaxing, warm and serene atmosphere, it’s the perfect color combination. Paint the ceiling with a soft raspberry color, and paint the walls with an even more muted and subdued version of raspberry. Pick a bright shade of raspberry for the bedding, and pair it with a chocolate brown upholstered headboard. Incorporate browns in the dressers, chairs, curtains, and floor.

13. Tiffany blue + white

Get classy and chic with a bedroom painted in Tiffany blue. It’s a refreshing hue that is cool and calming. Pair it with a white bed, white ceiling moldings, white chandelier – yes, there must be a chandelier – and white paneling on the walls. This will make any girl feel like a princess with the touch of elegance it exudes.

14. Pink + violet

Of course, we wouldn’t forget the all-time-favorite girly combination of pink and violet. When combined together, it oozes feminine flair with drama and sophistication. Pops of pink makes the space pretty and warm, while violet brings a touch of elegance in a teenage girl’s bedroom. But if you only want to achieve a cute-looking room for a small kid, this color combination will not fail you there.