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Styles window coverings in the early colonial houses

The colonial style interior design was developed for simple times, which is evident in the lovely rustic houses. The early American settlers built houses and created in a simple and practical based on your need. The decorative elements used in those days were simple and primitive, but as families became more prosperous, they began to pay more attention to style and decor.

 colonial houses

Wooden Blinds
Wood blinds offer a simple, rustic appearance to a colonial style house. Blinds provided protection from the elements and privacy while using the most abundant material, wood. The design and style of the early colonial houses focused more on practicality than beauty. Wood blinds currently in a colonial style house provide an adorable look that is simple and elegant.

The first fabrics were natural wool, linen and cotton and had few ornaments. The colonists may have approached designs on fabric after knitting it. We also used a simple fabric to create fabrics for apparel and interior decoration. The women spun the web at home to create garments and household fabrics. When families have more wealth to spend on luxury goods, began to decorate with brocades, velvets and silks imported from Europe.

The colors for the fabrics during the colonial period including blue, purple and red. Dyeing fabrics was not as readily available in the early years of the colony . Late the simple without any pigment also a common look simple interior in rustic style. The designs were often used on the web during the colonial period. There were curtains often colors in fabrics off to complement colors of paint on the walls.

Curtain style
A simple curtain rod wooden rods curtains hung over the windows. Hung straight down over the windows to provide privacy and warmth to the inhabitants of the house. As interior decoration became more elaborate with the increasing wealth of the colonists, full curtains, wreaths and the most opulent styles became more common.