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Checklist cleaning the living room

Cleaning a living room can be overwhelming. Each area requires some care to keep it clean. Keep a list about how to clean each area will allow you to thoroughly clean the area with each cleaning. Each class has specific needs that must be met, but most living rooms can be cleaned collecting discarded objects, dusting, moving the vacuum cleaner and organizing.

Walk along the living room and collect items that have accumulated. Make piles according to where the items and return them belong when all is collected and categorized. Taking this step will make cleaning the rest of the room easier. Keep containers in the room if many containers accumulate piles and empty when full.

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Use a feather duster, a product of commercial feather dust or just a damp cloth to clean dust from every surface in the living room, including house plants. Pay attention to the bookshelves and furniture in various homes . Removes dust from the surface of the TV with a static-free wipe those found in stores and electronics departments. Use a ladder to reach high places where the webs are formed.

Clean floors
Move tables and small chairs out of the way and sucks the area. Be sure to use the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the edges and corners of the room . Clean wood and ceramic tiles with appropriate cleaning products. Take the carpet out and hit or shake the dust and dirt from them. Place all the furniture in place and keep the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner on hand.


Vacuum furniture
Use the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner and run it on the furniture to remove pet hair and dust. Adjusts the power of the vacuum cleaner , depending on the material used to upholster furniture, start to pull too hard upholstery. Remove pillows sofas, armchairs and large chairs. Clean both sides of the pillows. Spend the vacuum by all the dirt that is in the cracks of the furniture. This is an opportunity to see if the furniture has accumulated stains or are in need of repair.


Clean the windows
Clean the inside of the windows with a household glass cleaner and a soft clean cloth. Clean the outside in the same way and removes the screens. Supports screens against the outside wall and sprayed with a hose to remove any dirt inside the screen. Put screens on windows again after drying. If the house does, clean the storm windows with the same method.

Organize drawers
Organize drawers pulling them out and organizing the content one by one. Create drawers for electronics, manuals, games, films and toys. Clean the interior of the drawer as the dirt and dust at the bottom appear. Adjust cabinet knobs if loose. Check the drawers slide easily. Otherwise, paraffin wax applied to the timber in the drawer slide.