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Out Cleaning the bathroom

If you want to make an espresso bathroom cleaning do not miss these ten tips to clean it in five minutes . You’ll get the Express cleaning the bathroom in five minutes if you put in a bowl before cleaning materials you need. Store equipment in a closet bathroom to use when needed.

1. Ventilate the bathroom
Open a window or turn on the extractor while doing the rest of the steps. Adequate ventilation prevents moisture and mold.

2. Spend a cloth for the sink
Spend a cloth lightly moistened behind the taps and around the sink to remove soap scum . Empty and dry the soap if full of soapy water.

3. Spend a cloth in the bath or shower
Pass a cloth slightly dampened by the tub to remove soap scum, hair and other debris. Seca behind water faucets and drain removes hairs.

cleaning the bathroom

4. Dry the curtain or shower door
If shade is wet, fully correlation, shake it, dry it with a cloth and let it spread. If you stall, dry with a cloth.

5. Clean the toilet
Clean the seat with a piece of kitchen paper and sprayed with disinfectant bathroom cleaner cup, especially around the rim. Once a clean the outside of the cup and the cistern week.

6. Clean the mirrors
Removes stains mirrors with a cloth barely dampened microfiber. If there are lingering traces, you quítalas with a drop of dishwasher.

7. Sort toiletries
Board related items and save all you can in the closet or drawers bathroom. They shall gather dust if you leave them on display.

8. Change towels
Change bath towels once a week. If you take enough room to do laundry, wash; if not and wet, put them to dry before putting them in the bucket of dirty laundry.

9. Scrub the floor
Sweep the floor to remove dust and lint. At least once a week clean the floor with mop and focus on the area around the toilet.

10. Empty the bucket
Empty it separates what you can recycle, take the rest away and change the bag.