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Cleaning and shoe care

If you want to have in your house the core team to have impeccable shoes should not be missing bitumen black, brown and colorless shoe polish, a brush for each color, another brush or cloth to polish shoes and a protective spray.
Once we have all the necessary tools, we follow the simple procedure we told you then to get our shoes look bright and, in turn, are well hydrated. First we will remove all the stains with a dry cloth. Water, in addition to damaging the material, mars colors. After removing the largest spots give you a quality cream that nourishes the skin well; in the event that our shoes are of various colors we recantations a colorless cream. Lets talk about Cleaning and shoe care.

shoe care

When the cream to dry will be the time of brushing. In this step we will use the appropriate brush or, failing that, a cloth. If ours is not brushing on the market a wide range of polishing products . We will finish our work by applying a protective spray that will prevent water from entering. If we extend the maximum life of our shoes we accomplish this task every night in order to prevent stains from penetrating excessively. In any case, if the night comes in which, by mistake, you have fallen without bitumen you can rub the shoes with onions or with an orange peel , dried and scales brightness. You will have a shiny shoes are the color they are.

Other materials

Shoes patent leather is they will look its best if you apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly. If this is what it is about clean shoes before , we recommend removing stains from the surface mud and dirt with an eraser. In addition, this system lift the hair is unsightly shoe crushed.
For stains from sneakers a very effective solution is rubbed with a brush teeth impregnated foam carpet. But keep in mind other things if we want to keep shoes in good condition. For example, if a downpour caught us and we were soaked boots or shoes, we will accelerate the drying process if we fill them with newspaper.

Eliminate odor

During the summer we will opt for a deodorant to remove odors from our sports shoes. If sprinkle baking soda inside the sports which give off odor, and leave it on for the night, the next morning the odor is gone.